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It is often said that there is no better way to learn about a culture than through its food. Here you will find recipes from around the world to try at home. Exploring the world never tasted so good!

A Taste of Korea–Sharing Culture Through Food

Ayusa student Ryoko shares similarities between a Japanese and Korean dish.

A Taste of Pakistan–Sharing Culture Through Food

Ayusa YES student Ayesha from Pakistan shares a traditional dish with her host family.

A Taste of China–Sharing Culture Through Food

Ayusa student Kai from Germany shares his multi-cultural roots with a recipe for jiaozi dumplings

A Taste of the Netherlands–Sharing Culture Through Food

Ayusa student Lotte from the Netherlands shares her country and culture through pannekoeken!

A Taste of Egypt–Sharing Cultures Through Food

Ayusa YES student, Lydia from Egypt, shares her country with her host family through koshari