Bring the world to your community. Become a Community Representative.

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Ayusa Community Representatives Make a Difference Every Day

Integrating international exchange students into your local community, the impact of connecting cultures permeates classrooms, sports fields, workplaces, homes, and hearts. Community Representatives (CRs) are at the heart of it all!

Working closely with students, families, high schools and community members from start to finish, CRs enhance the exchange experience for everyone involved. They foster community-wide international understanding while building lifelong friendships that will make the world a better place.

The Role of Community Representatives

The responsibilities of our Community Representatives help ensure the success of the program. “Change the world” isn’t officially in the job description, but it does come with the territory.
Connect Students and Families
Through community outreach, you’ll find committed host families and connect them with international students to find the right fit for each family.
Provide Ongoing Support
Build relationships and maintain regular contact with students, host families, and schools throughout the year to help enrich their experience.
Be Part of a Global Community
Being a Team Ayusa member means joining a global-minded community. With 7 regions all across America and global partners overseas, you become a part of our global community!

Team Up with Ayusa

Our Community Representatives have an important job, and we’re committed to giving them the tools for success. With more than 30 years of experience in inbound and outbound exchange programs, we’re only getting better.

From dedicated local and national support teams, thorough online training programs, and onsite conferences, to overseas partnerships dedicated to accepting exceptional international students, unwavering support for our CRs leads to an unparalleled experience for everyone involved.

Learn more about how you can become an Ayusa Community Representative today!