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Expand Your World as You Live and Study in Japan

Get ready for an experience that will grow your sense of independence and expand your worldview. When you study abroad in Japan, you will learn about the history and traditions that are engrained in everyday life. In this immersive experience, you’ll learn what it’s like to be a student in Japan, improve your Japanese language skills and gain confidence in your ability to navigate the world!
Live with a Japan host family
Japanese host families have a wide range of backgrounds as well as varied family structures.
Attend a Japanese high school
Each morning you will attend classes and have the late afternoons free to dive even deeper into the daily life of a Japanese student. This will be your opportunity to do some activities with your new friends!

Types of Programs

Ayusa Japan Abroad offers a variety of program types and lengths. There is a program for everyone!

Summer Cultural Exploration in Japan

Learn and improve your Japanese language skills while you embrace both the modern and traditional culture of Japan! During our three-week summer program in Tokyo you will:

Attend Japanese language classes: Most mornings you will learn Japanese from certified Japanese instructors.

Daily excursions and activities: Students will experience a sampling of traditional and modern Japanese culture through various sightseeing opportunities and activities, including visits to popular Tokyo districts like Asakusa and Akihabara, amusement parks like Disney Seas and Fuji-Q Highland, practice calligraphy and Japanese cooking, and much more!

Deepen your exchange experience: Students will participate in volunteer activities, including teaching local elementary school students English. Students will also get a chance to visit a local high school, and spend two nights with a local Japanese family.

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Ayusa Japan High School Abroad

Experience life as a teenager in Japan while you live with a Japanese host family and attend the local high school. During this academic program you will:

Experience day to day life in Japan: The family is the foundation of Japanese society and is bound together by a strong sense of reputation, obligation, and responsibility. Meet Japanese teenagers in class or participating in activities such as sports, music, or other school-related clubs. See how the mix of Western and Japanese influences can be found across all aspects of life, including sports, fashion, and other activities.

Learn the difference between the school systems in Japan and the U.S.: In Japan, students stay in the same room for each class and usually do not take many electives. This helps integrate students quickly into the class community. The Japanese school system tends to be more rigorous than its U.S. and Canadian counterparts. Rules are often a bit stricter, like requiring students to wear uniforms.

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Program Details

Ayusa Japan Study Abroad students are placed with carefully selected host families throughout the country. Throughout the program, students will receive support and guidance from a local representative. Please note: 4-week study abroad options are also available for May, June, October and November!
Program Length
Academic Year
Aug - June
$8,650 USD
March 1
Fall Semester
Aug - Jan
$5,550 USD
March 1
Fall Trimester
Sep - Dec
$4,600 USD
June 1
Spring Semester
Jan - June
$5,550 USD
August 1
Spring Trimester
April - July
$4,600 USD
December 1
June - July
$4,300 USD
April 1


Students participating in the Japan study abroad programs should meet the following basic criteria:
Be between 15 and 18 years old upon.
Have a flexible and mature personality, desire to be challenged, have the ability to remain open-minded and tolerant of cultural differences.
Good basic knowledge of the Japanese language is helpful.
Visit the Ayusa Japan site to learn more details about the programs available, request additional information, or to start your application!
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