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What Is Ayusa?

Ayusa Global Youth Exchange is a non-profit high school exchange organization dedicated to developing the next generation of global leaders and world citizens. By connecting extraordinary international students with host families in the U.S., we cultivate leadership skills, develop intercultural awareness and enhance global knowledge not only through education, but through experience.

For more than 30 years, Ayusa has been connecting families around the world through student exchange. We are affiliated with the following organizations.

  • Become an Ayusa Host Family

    Expand your family, learn about new cultures, gain new perspectives, and so much more when you host an international exchange student.

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  • Become an Ayusa Host School

    Your school can welcome international exchange students to study, play, and grow alongside American students.

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  • Our Ayusa International Exchange Students

    Learn more about our students, where they come from, and the impact that they can have on their host communities.

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More Than a High School Exchange Program

Ayusa’s international exchange program invites high school students from across the globe to join American families, schools and communities. They become friends, peers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, teammates, role models, family. Soon, where we are from fades into the background and who we are is what matters.