Who Can Host a Student?

There is no typical Ayusa host family! Married, single, young or empty nesters, with or without kids – Everyone is welcome! Ayusa host families all share the desire to learn, teach, love and grow through their hosting experience.

Our volunteer host families must be 25 years and older & provide students with:
Ayusa Host Family
Home Sweet Home: A comfy, safe place to live, sleep, study, and thrive for 5 to 10 months.
Healthy Meals: Provide three meals a day.
A Reliable Ride: Host families or friends can provide a ride or students can use public transportation.
Time and Enthusiasm: Welcome them, love them, listen to them, teach them, show them!
”Julia is a great example of a mature Ayusa exchange student who is adaptable, has bonded with her host family, and is making the most of her year in the USA.  We are so thankful for the Ayusa experience and for the special moments we continue to share with her."
Struble Family, Nevada
”Our involvement with Ayusa has changed our lives. So has Marie, so has her family. What an amazing experience it has been, one that will continue for a lifetime, forever tying our hearts and our worlds together. Marie is our daughter – rounding our family to a six pack with two boys and two girls (plus Mom and Dad, of course). We can’t wait to see what other journeys the rest of our time together will send our way."
O'Brien Family, Missouri

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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