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Open Your Home to an International Exchange Student and Expand Your Family

Miles, language, and cultural differences sometimes make us feel worlds apart from each other. But when you welcome an international high school exchange student into your home, you quickly discover they become family. Through conversations and experiences at home, school, and throughout the community, you will learn how close together “worlds apart” can really be.

  • Expand Your Family

    Expand Your Family When You Host an Exchange Student

    Build lifelong friendships with a family from across the globe through your student.

  • Learn New Cultures

    Learn New Cultures When You Host an Exchange Student

    Introduce your family to a new language, new foods and music, and an entirely new culture.

  • Gain a New Perspective

    Gain a New Perspective When You Host an Exchange Student

    See “your” world with fresh eyes as you share experiences with and learn from someone from across the globe.

  • Make a Difference

    Make a Difference When You Host an Exchange Student

    Your support of diversity and cultural awareness extend to your family, schools and throughout the community.

Letters from Our Students

Ayusa has bright and talented students from all over the world who are excited for their program in the United States. Look through students available to host, read their letter to host families, and learn more about them as you search for the perfect fit for your family!

Meet Our Students

Real Life Stories from Around the Country!

Our Stories

Ayusa Host Family

Our involvement with Ayusa has changed our lives. So has Marie, so has her family. What an amazing experience it has been, one that will continue for a lifetime, forever tying our hearts and our worlds together. Marie is our daughter – rounding our family to a six pack with two boys and two girls (plus Mom and Dad, of course). We can’t wait to see what other journeys the rest of our time together will send our way.

O'Brien Family, Missouri

Struble Ayusa Host Family

Julia is a great example of a mature Ayusa exchange student who is adaptable, has bonded with her host family, and is making the most of her year in the USA.  We are so thankful for the Ayusa experience and for the special moments we continue to share with her.

Struble Family, Nevada

Ayusa Host Family

Even if I am an exchange student, they treat me as their son. I consider them as my second family and we have a lots of things to live and discover together…it’s crazy how just a stranger family can totally represent a lot for you since you met them.

Geoffrey, From France, Lived in Florida

Ayusa Host Family

Our family lives in a small rural community, but we have tried to make sure our children know that the there are no boundaries to opportunities that are out there for them.  We think that by hosting a student we will just be adding to those opportunities to experience learning about others, but also learning how to relate to others in a positive way.

Ireland Family, Missouri

Ayusa Exchange Student and Host Family

As time moves along, and when I go back to my home country, my host family will be the best 2nd family I have ever had in my life, and I will never ever forget the kind things they did for me, and how they helped me to adjust in the U.S, they will always be in my heart, and my mind, printed right in the middle. And I will never forget this experience no matter how I get old; I wouldn't have made it without them!

Rihab, From Jordan, Lived in Arizona

Does Your American Student Want to Study Abroad?

Ayusa offers study abroad programs for American teenagers, ages 14-17, as well! Families that host with Ayusa also receive a discount on study abroad program fees for their children.