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Our Stories

Welcome to Ayusa's stories! Here you will find first-hand experiences from our program, recipes submitted by our students, tips and activities, contests, and so much more!

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Nampa woman and family have hosted exchange students for 35 years

Few people can say they have experienced as much of the world as Louise Lough and her family – but they haven’t had to travel thousands of miles to do it.

Exchange Student enjoys DHS

German exchange student had an exchange year she will never forget. Two local families will never forget it either.

Exchange Student at Tech Builds Cultural Bridges

The Green family, from Indianapolis, has been hosting Ayusa student Israr, who is from Pakistan, since the fall and have enjoyed learning about a new culture

Letter: Coming to Alaska as an exchange student

16-year-old Egyptian exchange student recalls her year in Juenau, Alaska.

Ayusa Community Representative is interviewed during Volunteer Awareness Month

Debbie Fransen, community representative in Arizona, was a guest on “Life Matters Today” in honor of Volunteer Awareness Month.

Host family and German exchange student find ‘a perfect fit’

"It's perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better family... Since the first day, they were here for me." says Franziska Botur, an exchange student from Berlin, Germany.

Love knows no bounds for Katy family

Already eight people (and six kids) strong, Katy couple April and Sean Bray have opened their home as a host family for dual exchange students each year since 2014 hoping to help them experience the American culture, and say it was the best decision the family ever made.

Commencement Winner Reflects on Exchange Experience

In this year alone, all of us, each and every single one of us have achieved something. We've overcome fears, broken barriers and shattered stereotypes. It could've been a simple taste of new food but it was nothing less than triumph.

Student Finds Niche in Track

Ayusa exchange student, Riccardo Reato, finds success in track and field.

What Is Special Today

Hosting is a rewarding experience, here is a story of a special moment that happened between host family and student.