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Our Stories

Welcome to Ayusa's stories! Here you will find first-hand experiences from our program, recipes submitted by our students, tips and activities, contests, and so much more!

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Reasons You Should Be Friends with Exchange Students

It’s worth it! You never know what kind of spectacular relationship you can get out of it, or how amazing of a person you might meet.

6 Benefits of Hosting an Exchange Student

Have you thought about hosting an exchange student? Here are a few benefits to hosting!

Dealing with Culture Shock

Culture shock is a normal, inevitable response among exchange students. Here are some ways to help deal with it.

5 Things Exchange Students Wish People Understood

Living abroad is one of the most freshening and exciting things a student will ever do in their life. It offers a new perspective, gives a completely different view on the world, and allows students the opportunity to completely rebuild themselves. While I've never met an exchange student who ever ended up regretting going abroad, I think I can speak for all of us when I say there are a few different things we wish non-study abroaders understood.

How to Avoid Homesickness

Here are a few tips for students for avoiding homesickness.

German Exchange Student Won National Art Award

German exchange student, Laura Lecybil won the 2016 Congressional Art Competition for her photography.

Colorado host mom reflects on experience

The Bivens family from Littleton has been hosting Makoto from Japan, who attends Heritage High School.

Advice for Host Families

General tips for hosting an exchange student.

Helping Students with their English Skills

Students may feel overwhelmed from being suddenly immersed in the English language. Most often, a little extra practice and support will work wonders to help your student become more comfortable with their English skills. 

Nampa woman and family have hosted exchange students for 35 years

Few people can say they have experienced as much of the world as Louise Lough and her family – but they haven’t had to travel thousands of miles to do it.