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Exchange Student from Germany Shares Information About Her Country with Classmates

Dan and Gwenna Rowlison are hosting Nathalie Sluyter, an exchange student from Berlin, Germany. Friday, Nov. 18, Sluyter gave a presentation about her country for Rich Matzes' World Culture classes at California High School.

California High School students in Rich Matzes' world cultures class look at a model of the Berlin Wall created by Nathalie Sluyter.

In addition to having edible treats from her home country, Sluyter had a PowerPoint presentation along with a model of the Berlin Wall.

Dan Rowlison, who was present for Sluyter's presentation, said his daughter works for the Academic Year in the United States of America (AYUSA) organization and has hosted a student before.

"It has been delightful," Dan said. "It is fun to talk with a teenager who knows what they are doing and what they want in life. Sluyter has some strong opinions about what she thinks and feels and it is fun to have discussions. We have had fun also traveling and seeing sights in Missouri."

Sluyter said she found out about AYUSA through friends who had done the program before. In particular it was a conversation she had with a student who not only had done the program, but had been sponsored through a scholarship that led her to be able to participate.

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