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Ayusa loves when our exchange students and host families share their experiences! Here are some first-hand stories from around the country.

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The 10 Details That Set the Best Foreign Exchange Student Programs Apart

There are many programs that bring exchange students to the United States. There are also some important differences between these programs. The best foreign exchange student programs have some hallmarks that set them apart.

What Is an Exchange Student? A Leader, A Learner, and Much More

International visitors participating in study abroad programs make up a huge percentage of students in the US, but what is an exchange student? In this article, we’ll share some information about these students, and how to get involved with the programs that bring them here to study.

7 Ways to Learn As a Host for an Exchange Student Program

Imagine how much you could learn and experience by living abroad for a year. This is the opportunity that high schoolers who come to the USA in an exchange student program embrace every year.

Host an Exchange Student: See Why Our Families Keep Coming Back

If our 40+ years of coordinating high school exchanges have taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need to fit any single standard to host an exchange student. In fact, the variety of our host families reflects the diversity of the American experience.   

Say YES to Hosting for the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program

At Ayusa, we take pride in all of our exchange students. We are especially proud of our YES students, who are from the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program.

4 Reasons to Host Another Exchange Student

Ayusa reached out to two veteran host families about why they choose to continue to host students year after year. The Coutu family has hosted 45 students and have already signed up to host their 46th. The Estes family has hosted several students over the years from around the globe. Here are four reasons why they say you should open your home and heart again to another high school exchange student.

A Letter from Ayusa's German Exchange Student Judith

Judith, an Ayusa student from Germany, spent her exchange year with the Justus family in Wisconsin. She wrote a sweet letter to her Ayusa Community Representative that talks about her favorite memories from each month. 

The Adventures of Ole Winkler

Read all about German exchange student Ole Winkler, written from the perspective of his host dad, Jeff Hunt, and what it was like for a teen from Berlin to live in a small, Midwestern town in the U.S.!

Students from Japan and Taiwan Celebrate Soccer Success in North Carolina

This month, Jacksonville Christian Academy in North Carolina won both the boys' and girls' state championship titles for soccer. Four Ayusa students from Japan and Taiwan, with varying levels of soccer experience before coming to the U.S., played on the teams and celebrated victory with their American teammates.

Me and the NEW Me: Bangledeshi Student Reflects on His Exchange Year

Mohammed, a YES student from Bangladesh, shares his story of anticipation, growth, and discovery during his exchange year. He also created a video about sharing his culture with his American friend, Dominic.