December 7, 2023

Hosting Across Generations: Meet The Porges Family and Their Vibrant Journey

The Porges family, fresh from their move from Florida to Texas, has seamlessly transitioned into the world of Ayusa, marking a new chapter in their rich history of hosting. While newcomers to Ayusa, they are no strangers to the hosting experience, having opened their doors to international students since 2015. Remarkably, the host mom, Sonya, has been involved in hosting since 1988 when she became a host sister!

Sonya's childhood was filled with exchange students from France and Germany, which motivated her to give the same enriching experience to her kids. The Porges Family has hosted children from Italy and Germany. Their commitment to fostering these global connections has taken them on journeys to Europe, where they visited their international families. A Fun Fact: Presently, they are hosting Sebastian from Germany, who happens to be the son of Sonya’s host sister back in '88!

The Porges family had grand plans for the Summer of 2020, intending to visit Italy and Germany, but the unforeseen events of that year altered their itinerary. Undeterred, they planned to reunite with their German family for Christmas. However, Sebastian's decision to stay for the entire year, rather than just the Spring semester, shifted their plans. The family is anticipating a European adventure in Christmas 2024 and is excited about future travels.

Their affinity for hosting is rooted in their family-oriented values. Creating an atmosphere where their children feel like integral family members is of utmost importance to them. Currently in Indiana for the holidays, the Porges family has introduced Sebastian to their extended family members, some of whom had known Sebastian's mother when she arrived in the US as a teenager.

Martin, the host dad, plays a pivotal role as an Area Project Controls Manager, which led to their relocation to Texas. Sonya, on the other hand, juggles a full-time student role at LSU, working towards a Construction Management Degree, and serves as an Independent Consultant for small general contracting companies. Their older daughter, Peyton, is a Senior at Clemson University, while Kalib, their younger son, is a freshman at Magnolia West HS.

Aside from their professional pursuits, the Porges family shares a love for games, travel, and what they playfully refer to as "general shenanigans." The family's extensive Whatsapp group, including immediate and extended members, is a testament to the strong bonds forged through their hosting experiences. For the Porges family, hosting has become more than just a cultural exchange; it's a vibrant and joyous journey.

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