August 31, 2016
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Colorado host mom reflects on experience

Colorado host mom reflects on experience

The Bivens family from Littleton has been hosting Makoto from Japan, who attends Heritage High School. Host mom Adrienna shares, “We volunteer because Ayusa brings culture to our doorstep! As a parent, I focus on quality experiences that enrich the lives of my children. Hosting an exchange student encourages international friendships, and allows the opportunity to learn beyond what’s taught in the classroom. It’s simple; we welcome talented students into our home and share with them our American culture and language. In return, the benefits are unlimited!” She continues, “As a family, cultural exchange has given knowledge, experience and a more global perspective to our lives. That’s better than any textbook could offer!”

About her experience as an exchange student, Makoto shared, “When I decided to study abroad, I was mainly thinking about studying English. But now I can say that, with this Ayusa program, I can learn English and also important things as a person through spending life with my own host family and friends in school. I will never forget this memorable and wonderful year in America with my lovely host family.”

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