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Our Stories

Welcome to Ayusa's stories! Here you will find first-hand experiences from our program, recipes submitted by our students, tips and activities, contests, and so much more!

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Olympic Skater Michelle Kwan Promotes Ayusa

"When you spend time with people from other countries, your whole world expands."

Lewiston exchange family unites for hosts' silver anniversary

It's easy to call them siblings, even though this was the first time most of them had met face to face.

How to Welcome Your Exchange Student and Have a Great Year

A Guide to Help You Make Your First Few Days With Your Student a Smashing Success

Palm Springs Host Dad Story Continues Long After the Year Ends

Terry Cox from Ayusa Shares a Touching Letter From His Exchange Student 

Ayusa Star Students from Around the World Tell their Stories

Meet Claudia, Rilo, Alaa, Gonzalo, Maurus and Ryuta

Shy girl blossoms, shares Nigerian music and dance with her new community

Asumana from Nigeria - Star Student of the Month, May 2013

"We Treat You Like Our Daughter"

Host Family of the Month, May 2013

President's Award Winner 2013

Congratulations to Senior Regional Director Traci Clary!

Francesca's Dancing Like No One's Watching

Host Family of the Month, April 2013