August 22, 2022

For Student Exchange Programs, the USA Is a Top Destination - Here’s Why

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Every year, millions of exchange students travel across the world to study abroad. For many student exchange programs, the USA is pick number 1. But, with dozens of other destinations to choose from, why do so many student exchange programs come to the USA?

The United States provides countless unique benefits to exchange students. These chances to learn, grow, and explore the world can impact both students and the communities that host them. Exchange students in the United States have the opportunity to:

  • Master the most widely-used language in business and higher education
  • Explore a country full of international landmarks
  • Access unparalleled global networking opportunities
  • Immerse themselves in a diverse blend of lifestyles
  • Improve their cultural competence with first hand experiences

That’s why thousands of exchange students come to the United States every year, decidedly making the U.S. the top destination for international students. In turn, there are many reasons why hosts in the U.S. are so eager to welcome these exchange students into their lives. Hosting an exchange student is a chance to:

  • Make an impact on a young person’s life
  • Learn more about a new culture and language
  • Form lasting connections and make new memories

Exchange programs can be exciting, educational, and rewarding for hosts and students alike. At Ayusa, we’re dedicated to connecting international students with American host families to create unparalleled exchange experiences. Part of what sets these experiences apart is the opportunities to explore and learn about American culture.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the United States a coveted destination for many exchange students. We’ll also explore how the community of host families spread across the U.S. is making a huge impact on the world, one exchange student at a time.


What Are Exchange Student Programs In the USA?

Exchange programs are enriching cultural experiences and powerful learning opportunities alike. They create unforgettable experiences for both students and host families. Before we dig into why students choose to visit the United States during their exchange programs, we’ll explore what these programs are.

First and foremost, student exchange programs are cultural exchange opportunities. These programs are designed to create bridges and foster international understanding. They are a chance for the world’s rising generation of leaders to explore the world and experience other cultures.

The students who participate in exchange programs travel from around the world to experience life in a different culture. During their time abroad, exchange students live with a local host family, attend a local school, and join a local community. This makes exchange programs deeply immersive experiences.

This also means that the location a student travels to for their exchange program can define what their time abroad is like.


Who Participates in the USA’s Exchange Student Program?

Every year, more than a million students travel to the United States to continue their education while studying abroad. In fact, during any given year, about four to five percent of the U.S.’s student population is made up of exchange students. Exchange students originate from dozens of different countries from every region around the world.

Most of these students are high school or college-aged. They come to the United States not only to further their education, but also to form new connections and immerse themselves in American culture. As teenagers and young adults, their exchange programs are also great opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth.

The students that participate in exchange programs tend to share some key traits. At Ayusa, our students have:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strength of character
  • Open minds
  • High levels of maturity
  • Strong academic performance

When host families meet our students, they quickly see what sets them apart. They are forward-thinking, ambitious, and dedicated to both personal and academic growth. Exchange high school student programs in the USA are the ideal opportunity for these students to begin to make their mark on the world, and their hosts are an essential part of these programs.


The Importance of Student Exchange in the USA

There are countless ways that study abroad programs benefit the students that participate in them. However, students aren’t the only ones that reap the benefits of cultural exchange. These programs have positive impacts on the families, communities, and broader countries that host exchange students.

Cultural exchange is at the core of every study abroad program. While this is often interpreted only to mean that the student benefits from experiencing a new culture, the benefits extend to their community as well. After all, cultural exchange is a two-way street. As the exchange student learns about American culture, they also have the opportunity to share their home culture with the community they join.

That’s what makes student exchange programs the first step towards international community-building and collaboration. In our interconnected world, a sense of global citizenship is more important than ever before. An exchange student in the USA creates the unique opportunity for everyone they interact with to build their cultural competence and global citizenship.

For many people, the circle of coworkers, friends, and family members that surrounds them tends to be homogenous. This can make it harder to experience new cultures and access diverse viewpoints. Of course, we can get some of these experiences through things like travel, but how many days of the year do we realistically spend on vacation, completely immersed in a new way of life? This is part of what makes international exchange student programs so impactful: they create an ongoing opportunity for an entire community to experience cultural exchange without leaving home.

By integrating an exchange student in the USA into their daily life, host families and communities have the chance to interact with another culture on a deeper level. They can learn about the ins and outs of the daily routines, traditions, customs, and beliefs of their student’s home country. This immersion creates a much deeper level of cultural understanding than a short-term visit ever could. As a result, study abroad programs can have lasting impacts on the communities that international students join.

The people impacted by the USA’s exchange student programs may become more empathetic, collaborative, and understanding. Getting to personally know an exchange student can foster tolerance, and even work to break down cultural barriers. This kind of connection helps to disassemble stigmas by underscoring the connections that unite us, making our differences seem small in comparison. That’s why participants in these cultural exchange programs are more than just students — they truly become international ambassadors for their culture and generation.


Why Exchange Students Come to the US

Of the dozens of countries that participate in international exchange programs, the United States is by far the most popular destination. With a world of options, what brings so many exchange students to the U.S. every year? There are a few key factors that drive the United States’ popularity as a study abroad destination. They include:

  1. Mastering the English language
  2. Experiencing American culture
  3. Achieving personal growth
  4. Forming international connections

Exchange Students in America Can Master Their English Skills

In our globalized society, it’s becoming increasingly common to collaborate with people around the world on a daily basis. In these interactions, English tends to be the dominant language of business and higher education. As a result, mastering the English language often isn’t just a good line on a resume, but also a necessary skill.

When they arrive in the USA, an exchange student has the opportunity to practice their skills with the English language every day. In fact, students are completely immersed in English as they have the chance to learn by living with the language. This can also help them pick up elements that are hard to learn from a book or a traditional classroom, like slang and figures of speech.

Many exchange students also enjoy sharing their native language with their host family. Learning by teaching can deepen a student’s understanding of English. At the same time, it also creates a unique learning opportunity for their hosts!


Exchange Students Experience the Culture of the USA

Exchange student programs in the USA are full of unique cultural learning opportunities. Students who have the chance to spend their time abroad in the U.S. can:

  • Explore the international landmarks found in the U.S.
  • Experience America’s diverse blend of cultures
  • Increase their familiarity with American cultural norms

Cultural competence is an essential skill for the modern day. Exchange programs are a great way for students to practice this skill as they experience a new way of life. In turn, their hosts often also get a boost to their own cultural competence and awareness as they learn more about their exchange student’s home culture.

Exchange Programs Encourage Personal Growth

Experiencing a new way of life leads to an enormous amount of cultural learning for exchange students. However, these immersive experiences teach students much more than only about the culture and language of the United States.

Exchange programs can enrich a student’s education by encouraging them to face new obstacles and challenges. Since their time abroad is the first experience many students have away from their natural families, exchange programs foster essential soft skills like:

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Resiliency
  3. Independence
  4. Collaboration
  5. Communication

As a result, these programs encourage participants to grow and develop not only as students, but as people. Independently exploring the world around them and gaining new experiences can be a meaningful chance for self-discovery. Exchange programs are often formative, memorable experiences for students that shape the leaders they are growing into.

Student Exchange Programs in the USA Forge International Connections

Exchange programs enable students to learn, grow, and explore in new ways. However, these details often aren’t what makes a student’s time abroad so memorable. Many of our students say that the relationships they formed during their time abroad are what they remember the most.

From their host families to their school communities, exchange programs allow students to connect with a huge range of new people. Once a student’s exchange program ends, these relationships don’t come to an end, either. Instead, student exchange programs in the USA often lead to lifelong friendships that span the globe.

Additionally, exchange programs can also be dynamic opportunities for students to network with future peers, colleagues, and mentors on an international scale. These connections can help give them a boost in their future studies or career.

The bonds exchange students form can also be an important step towards breaking down cultural barriers and promoting understanding. In fact, some exchange students receive funding like the YES Grant for exactly this reason: to foster international connections and reduce stigma.

These connections are also a driving reason behind why many hosts choose to participate in exchange programs. Exchange programs enable hosts to make a difference during a transformative time in a young person’s life. In fact, many of our hosts say that their exchange students became like a part of their family during their time together. 


How to Host for Student Exchange Programs in the USA

US exchange student programs have amazing benefits for the students that participate in them. These programs are made possible by a network of dedicated exchange student hosts. The reasons why students participate in exchange programs might seem obvious, but what makes someone choose to start hosting exchange students? The short answer is that hosts gain amazing benefits and experiences from these programs right alongside the students they welcome into their lives.

At face value, hosting an exchange student means housing them, providing them access to three healthy meals a day, and getting them to and from school on time. However, becoming an exchange student host means much more than just seeing to these daily tasks.

So, what is hosting really like, and why do so many families choose to do it? Hosting an exchange student is an affirming and rewarding experience. It allows you to connect with a young person and guide them through an exciting time in their life. Many hosts say that their exchange student became like a bonus family member during their time together. These intergenerational and intercultural connections can broaden your worldview and add new meaning to your day-to-day routine.

Plus, host families gain many of the same benefits that exchange students do! They have the opportunity to engage in immersive learning, to practice a new language, and to develop an understanding of a new culture.

Wondering how to host a student as they participate in these life changing programs? At Ayusa, we aim to make it easy to become a host for a student exchange program in the USA. If you’re ready to make a lasting difference in the life of an exchange student, all you will need to do is:

  1. Contact the Ayusa team to let us know you’re interested in learning more about hosting (optional)
  2. Connect with our expert staff to ensure that hosting is the right choice for your household (optional)
  3. Fill out a hosting application (required!)
  4. Match with an exchange student to welcome into your home

Once you’ve found a student to host, all that’s left to do is prepare for their arrival. Your local coordinator from Ayusa will be by your side for every step of this process. They will work with you to ensure your student is enrolled in a local school and has everything they need to achieve new levels of academic success.

When your student finally arrives, your local coordinator will conduct an orientation to help you both settle into your new lifestyle together. Then, your local area coordinator will continue to support you and your student throughout your entire program year together. They will check in at least every month, and are always available to answer any questions that arise.

They will also connect you with your nearby network of other exchange students and host families. Throughout your entire hosting journey, your local coordinator and the entire Ayusa team will be dedicated to ensuring you and the student you host are having an amazing experience.


Ready to Become Part of a Student Exchange Program in the USA?

American exchange student programs are amazing opportunities for everyone involved. We’re always eager to hear from prospective hosts or students to find out how we can help you take the next step on your cultural exchange journey.

At Ayusa, we’re leading experts on inbound student exchange programs in the USA. We understand the incredible opportunities that these programs create, and we want all of our hosts and students to be able to make the most of their time together. That’s why we’re committed to making every exchange student placement a resounding success.

Many of our Ayusa alumni look back on their time abroad as one of the most influential experiences in their lives, and host families say the same. The stories our students and hosts tell about their exchange experiences shows how the chance to learn from one another, form new connections, and build international bridges can truly be life-changing.

Ready to become a host for student exchange programs in the USA? You can reach out to us to request more information, or start your hosting application today.

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