January 18, 2016

Star Students Seize Life In The U.S. With Double Placement

Star Students Seize Life In The U.S. With Double Placement

We often hear from host families about how wonderful their Ayusa student has been and the impact that they have made on their family. It is even more special when a host family who has brought in two students experiences the same joys! When two students from different countries and cultures come together into one family, great experiences are shared between the students, family and community.

This month, we both Mathilde (Maddie), from Denmark, and Krystof, from Czech Republic, are Star Students of the Month for the impact they have made in their host family, their involvement in their community, and their perseverance to experience life in America.

Nominated by their host parents, Pamela and Wallace Raitt of Utah are no strangers to hosting. They have hosted seven exchange students in the past five years! Maddie and Krystof have been an exceptional addition to their international family, “have excelled beyond what we could have ever imagined” and “have been an absolute joy to host,” says Pamela.

Both Maddie and Krystof maintain superb GPAs at school, 3.95 and 3.76 respectively, and are both actively involved in school activities and sports. 

Maddie is a member of both the Acappella Choir and Chamber Choir, which she had to audition for. She has sung with the choirs at many events in the community. She taught he classmates how to play handball, a popular sport in Denmark. While she tried out for the basketball team and did not make it due to competition, she did not give up on playing a school sport! Maddie practice diligently for weeks before tryouts for the softball team and made the cut! She was also nominated for Homecoming Queen in her class!

Krystof is a member of the debate team and has won several individual and team awards throughout the region and state. He also belongs to the Future Business Leaders of America Club where he and two teammates won the Global Business title in the region and state and are going to the National competition in Nashville in June! Like Maddie, Krystof is also musically involved at the school. He played the electric guitar for the school’s musical rendition of West Side Story. He is also in the Acappella Choir and has even performed a standup comedy act! Krystof is also active in school sports; he was the coach’s assistant on the girl’s tennis team and is the captain of the boy’s tennis team, where he is ranked the team’s number one singles player. In all, Krystof has lettered in tennis, debate and FBLA!

On top of being so actively involved in school, both Maddie and Krystof “have made a huge impact in our family, their school and our community.  They will be sorely missed when they return to their home countries. We want to thank Ayusa for giving us the opportunity to host such awesome students!”

Thank you Pamela and Wallace Raitt for sharing!!

If you would like to nominate your student for Star Student of the Month, send your story along with pictures to news@ayusa.org!

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