December 26, 2015

Indonesian Exchange Student Loves his Phoenix Family

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This month’s host family nomination comes from Rachmad from Indonesia. He is living with the Huber-Thornton family and his Turkish host brother, Oguzhan in Phoenix, Arizona:

The best host family ever is mine, the Huber-Thornton family! They are pretty nice and cool people! My host dad is an awesome cook and a great host father! He always cooks good food that always makes my taste buds jingle with joy, ha ha! My host mom is also a nice person! She's kind, gentle and caring. Then came my weird but cool host brother from Turkey. He is a complete joker! He likes to joke a lot, scares me when we're watching horror movies (in this case, Sleepy Hollow) or like to scare me when I'm working on the computer.

I like my host family, and they deserve to be not only host family of the month, but for life. They know my problems and always give me advice to follow. They take me to places I've never been to so I can see new things, but best of all, they are here for me, through the good and bad. For me, they are perfect! They even made a short video on Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17 to wish me a good one. They respected it and agreed to celebrate it with me, which was really nice and made me a little less homesick. They are also very curious about my culture, shown by this picture of them playing Gamelan, a traditional Indonesian instrument at the Musical Instrument Museum. They really are the best!

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