September 7, 2016
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How to Avoid Homesickness

How To Avoid Homesickness
  • Talk to family and friends back home, but not too much. You should limit your contact to them to a maximum of once a week.
  • Bringing some memorabilia, photos, posters, music or artwork from your country can also make the transition smoother.
  • Keep yourself occupied with studies, hanging out with friends and your host family, volunteering and getting involved in your school or community in other ways. The busier you are, the less you will think about home.
  • Be patient and open-minded. It takes time to “use” a new language, “slang”, or to get used to the food, customs and live in another culture. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Americans are always friendly and willing to help. Sometimes a simple American greeting like “what’s up” and a high-five gesture can go a long way in fitting in. It shows your effort to learn the culture, and people will greatly appreciate this.
  • Stay active and healthy, get involved, and be inclusive. Americans are eager to learn from you about your culture. Eat, sleep, and exercise to stay both physically and mentally healthy. This will sustain a positive attitude while adjusting and adapting to a new culture. Allow yourself to be integrated in all aspects of American life.

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