February 13, 2016
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Explore Your Host Community With a Scavenger Hunt

Explore your host community with a scavenger hunt

The program year is under way! Students and host families across the country are getting to know each other, learning about new cultures, and spending quality time together. As our students get comfortable in their new home, what better way to also get comfortable with their new host community than by exploring it!

Here is a scavenger hunt to allow students and families to spend some quality time together, laugh, and make some great memories! You will need a camera and some creativity. The object is to get as many of the items done as a family! Share your experience during the scavenger hunt with Ayusa! Submit your photos to stories@ayusa.org or on our Facebook page!

1. It is time to start a new school for a year! There will be many activities to try and new friends to meet. Take a photo in front of your new school’s sign!

2. America is made up of many different types of communities. You may be in the suburban, rural, or urban community; all are a true American experience. Take a photo in front of your community’s welcome sign!

3. As the summer is winding down, there are many outdoor activities going on! Outdoor movies, county fairs, zoos, hiking, and kayaking. Take a photo of you and your family having fun outside.

4. Exchange is all about merging two or more cultures and learning from each other. Make a tasty recipe from your country for your family and take a photo of all cooking together or of your family enjoying it! While you’re at it – share the recipe with Ayusa!

5. Sports are a big part of the American culture. Take a photo of you all showing some spirit, whether it be at a school game or a state team.

6. Most family quality time happens right at home! Take a photo of you and your family spending time together watching a movie, playing games, doing puzzles, whatever it is you all enjoy to do.

7. Did you know, when you spend a lot of time with the same people, you all start to act like each other? Take a family photo of you all dressed alike! Get creative!

8. You will learn how to do many different things on program. It can even be as simple as learning how to work a dishwasher or how to take care of a pet. Take a photo of something new you learned since arriving.

9. Take a family photo with the flags that represent your new international family. If you don’t have flags, you can even draw them!

10. Many exchange students and families enjoy volunteering. Many students even complete over 100 hours while in America. Take a photo of your family volunteering together.

11. Remember, your exchange year will have its ups and down, but mostly up! Take a picture of you and your family jumping “up” in the air and think about all of the fun you will have this year!

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