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Whether Reading Poetry or Shredding Electric Guitar, Marlin Embraces New Experiences

Marlin from the Netherlands made a strong impression on her host family. Here they share why they nominated her to be Star Student of the Month:

Marlin has been the ideal exchange student for our family from day one. She has truly become one of the family. For starters, while not religious herself, Marlin willingly attends church with the family. On Wednesday, she will occasionally go with her host sister, who is a local college student, to another town where her host sister’s boyfriend leads worship. She has made quite the impression on the small group of teens in that church and they miss her on the Wednesdays she goes to church here in town with friends from school.

Outside of school, Marlin is learning to play the guitar. She had a recital in November along with the other guitar students. She was the only one playing the electric guitar. Considering she had only been playing for two months, it was astonishing that she was ready to perform. They plan to have another recital in the spring.

At school, Marlin has excellent grades and many friends. To help make friends and keep in shape she started the year joining the cross country team. She ended the season qualifying to go to the state meet. While she did not place, she did come in first of all the girls on her team. Once cross country was over, she felt she needed something to keep her in shape. Together with some friends, she began to play Tract ball under the lead of her cross country coach. Soon Marlin was inviting other friends and even the other exchange students and their friends to come try it out.

Marlin is always up for trying new things and looking for ways to keep busy. Yet, with all she does, she manages to balance her activities with friends and school and family time even if it is just sitting around watching television or movies with the family. In fact, many of the activities she does are with one of her host sisters. They have gone to watch the local college football team play, to a formal dance at the church, geocaching, to a play at the college, and recently to a concert featuring five Christian bands.

Marlin's winter is ending with a trip to Harvard University with her Forensics team. Marlin was invited by her teacher to join the group going to the Invitational Forensics Tournament at Harvard. In order to be invited, Marlin had to compete at other local meets and do well. At this tournament, she will be giving a dramatic interpretation of a prose. She will also be reading poetry for the competition. Marlin, along with her teammates, will compete against other high school teams from around the country. She is a natural at this and has done remarkably well even though her teacher thought her accent would make it difficult for her. She had to learn to speak very clearly and make sure she pronounces the words correctly.


Marlin was also recently selected to be a diamond girl, which is a team of girls who help support the baseball players at home games. In addition to being a diamond girl, she is going to be on the school's track team. She is looking forward to prom, which happens to be on her 18th birthday. She is going with a group of 20+ friends in a Hummer limo!  She is so excited and we are excited for her.

Marlin has been a wonderful student and we will miss her. She is definitely a good ambassador for her country. She is easy going, respectful, and very sweet.