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Shy girl blossoms, shares Nigerian music and dance with her new community

This month’s Star Student is Asumana from Nigeria.  For her host family, it has been an absolute pleasure having her in their home and community over the past year. Her host mom touches on some of Asumana’s community participation here: 

She worked with youth to lead 50+ elementary school graders through a Mighty Mini Camp. She didn't have to do this, because it was led by our youth who are going on a mission trip to East St. Louis, Illinois in July. She won't even be here then, but she did it anyway. She has also helped leading worship for the high school kids at church on Wednesday evenings.


Asumana taught the Ladies Select Choir of Branson High School two Nigerian Gospel Songs which the women sang for their concerts at school. She even performed a worship dance with one of the songs. The other song she did was a Nigerian rap... yes,there is such a thing as Nigerian rap! Mr. Arnett, Branson High School Principal, had her video her Thank You letter to the school so it could be played for the entire student body.


I also had the honor of having Asumana come to my Girl Scout Troop of fourth graders and teach us about her country. We then represented Nigeria in our annual World Thinking Day event. Asumana taught the girls a Nigerian dance and they all performed it for the fifty other girl scouts in attendance. All of the Girl Scouts said we had the best booth because of Asumana's personal attention to each of them.

Asumana started out very shy, and has grown and blossomed so much this year. She is a truly amazing person, with the gift of giving. She was a true ambassador for her country and I am so thankful that I have been able to personally get to know her. She has made an impact in my life, my Girl Scouts, her host families, school and community. What more could we ask from any exchange student?