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Perfect Match For Family Found in Ayusa Student

Perfect Match For Family Found in Ayusa Student

November’s Star Student of the Month is Vanice from Hong Kong! Nominated by the Howell-Rainey family in Pennsylvania, Vanice has made an impression on nearly everyone who meets her! Read what host mom Deborah has to share about their experiences thus far with their amazing new family member:

We are host parents to Vanice from Hong Kong, for the 2013 /14 school year. We live in a rural area in the Northwestern region of Pennsylvania, Clarion county. Vanice came to us as a very shy, timid 15 year old girl, she has blossomed to be such a wonderful addition to our family.

My daughter (also pictured) Madison is 11 years old and has been taking Chinese for the past 2 years at school. Madison chose Vanice from her profile on AYUSA, they have similar interests. She picked a great student, they are a perfect match. Vanice is taking dance classes with Madison, in the school band, chorus, and now a basketball player. She has made such an impression of her classmates, teachers, and even her community representative from AYUSA.

The picture (to the left) is of Niagara Falls Canada. We took a weekend trip to show Vanice the fall’s, to see friends in Orillia Canada, and enjoy the autumn leaves. It has been an amazing experience having Vanice as part of our family, we love and cherish having her with us.

Thank You AYUSA for giving us a great opportunity to have Vanice with us!

Congratulations to Vanice!