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Our German Daughter Has Opened the Whole Family to a World of Possibilities

This month's star student is Saskia from Germany, living with the Brostoff family in Streamwood, Illinois. Saskia's host mom has nothing but praise for her: 

From the first day she arrived, Saskia was committed to becoming part of our family and making the most of her experience in the U.S. Whatever she does - whether it is participating in family activities or doing homework or trying sports and clubs at school - Saskia does it 100%. Since she has been staying with us, Saskia has influenced each member of our family in different ways. She has such a strong work ethic, and she has shown her 12-year-old host brother the value of being engaged fully in whatever task he may undertake. She is so brave and outgoing that she has influenced her 17-year-old host sister to be more direct and assertive. She has been so open and accepting and genuinely curious that she has given my husband and me a whole new outlook - not only on our own lives but on the world and its possibilities.

 Saskia also influences many people at school. She is a very enthusiastic German tutor, and she assists other students in her science class. She participates in small ensembles in choir and sets an excellent personal example for the underclassmen. Saskia contributes to the school community in many ways as well. She has shared her perspective on world events in History class, and she has participated in a Foreign Exchange Program presentation, describing her home city of Berlin for prospective exchange participants. As a result of her total commitment to this experience, Saskia recently won a "Spirit of the Hawk" award from our school, which is given to students who demonstrate special effort in the classroom. We are continually proud of Saskia and we are thrilled to call her our German daughter!