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How Hosting Got a Little Easier with the Help of a Tech Company

How Hosting Got a Little Easier with the Help of a Tech Company

Those of us who work for Ayusa are excited about what student exchange programs can do for students and host families. Then there is the paperwork, which we find a bit less exciting. Not surprisingly, our customers aren’t thrilled about paperwork, either.

Before we adopted DocuSign, our field staff had to spend time printing and traveling to have the applications signed, then faxing or mailing everything to our headquarters. According to Mollie Kidari, Ayusa Southwest Senior Regional Director, DocuSign has been "a big blessing," cutting processing time from 2-3 days down to 30 seconds, assuaging a lot of waiting and uncertainty, through the simple click of a Submit button.
After all of this, learning how minimally DocuSign changed people’s perceptions of the application process was at first surprising and then made complete sense.

No matter how the Fitzgeralds of California or Washingtons of Kansas complete their application process, hosting an exchange student with Ayusa has always been about the excitement of welcoming another family member into your home, if only for one year.  Our staff work tirelessly to make sure the student is a good fit for the family, everyone’s questions are answered, and local support is there ready when life’s inevitable stumbles occur.

“The greatest thing about adding DocuSign to our application was how seamlessly it integrated into our entire process. The best solutions are the ones that you don’t notice after a while." - Katie Egeland, Compliance Manager

DocuSign gave our staff and our families the peace of mind of sending personal information cross-country securely, but more importantly it gave us the opportunity to spend more time working with our families and students.

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