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GEONET Hosts Ayusa Staff in Visit to South Korea

Ayusa field staff members in Seoul, South Korea

The Overseas Partner Experience 2008 took 18 outstanding Ayusa field staff members to South Korea. The trip was hosted by partner agency, GEONET, and was a wonderful success. It proved to be a great opportunity to learn about the culture of South Korea, strategize about improving our programs, and increase understanding of the Korean students who come on the Ayusa program.



Making kimchee (left) and with Korean local host family (right)

Staff participating in the trip were able to learn about the art of kimchee making, dress in traditional clothes, and eat many different kinds of delicious Korean food. Tour highlights included a visit to the top of Seoul Tower, a guided tour of Gyeonbokgung palace, and an excursion to the DMZ border area. The highlight of the trip for many of the Ayusa staff members was the two-day stay with local host families. Overall, it was a wonderful and educational trip that allowed staff members to learn more about Korean culture and to experience the rich history of the country!