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Dutch High School Exchange Student Enjoys American Football

17 year-old Ramon from the Netherlands was chosen as this year’s first Star Student. Ramon has been nothing but positive and enthusiastic about his experience since he arrived. Here is what Ramon’s host family had to say:  

Ramon has blended into our family from the very beginning. During the summer, we Facebooked and Skyped to get to know each other. I really believe this helped with his adjustments to our family and community. We all get along very well and can talk to each other about anything that comes up, from girls to trouble at school. It has been fun and a great pleasure sharing with his family back in the Netherlands via Skype. It is also great to know that Ramon’s parents expect the same from their son as we expect from ours.

Ramon is very active in school, from playing football to going to other sport games and cheering classmates on. He always helps out at home and is eager to learn and see new things. Being a host family is not just taking in a student but a life-learning experience. We both are enjoying this cultural exchange. I have seen my son grow as he learns new things such as to kick a soccer ball. I was told at school today that it is as if Ramon has always been here.

Ramon is indeed doing well at school. His English teacher told us, “It has been such a pleasure to have Ramon join my classroom and our school.  I can honestly say that he has truly become an important member of our Centennial family. From class interaction to walking through the hallways to the Homecoming dance, Ramon is friendly and energetic.  He pushes himself to do well, yet he still understands that building friendships are just as important.  I already know that it will be very hard to tell him goodbye at the end of the school year.”

His football coach also had great things to say. “I first met Ramon in early September when he was enrolled at Centennial Public Schools and wanted to join the football program.  From the very first time I met him he was excited and willing to do any amount of work to get to know the game of football and be good at it.  He had no previous experience at football but was however a soccer player.  We found out very quickly that Ramon could kick the football very well.  He found himself on the varsity roster as our starting place kicker and has been doing a tremendous job.  As of week three of the season he is 12/13 for P.A.T and has kicked three field goals, his latest one of 37 yards.  I attribute his success to his work ethic in practice.  He has a tireless work ethic and will not stop trying until he get things right.  I have enjoyed Ramon on the football team very much.  He has earned the respect of his fellow teammates and as I anticipate will continue to do a great job of kicking for the football team.”