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2011 Photo Contest Winners Announced!

2011 Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Grand Prize—Lisa Fay, German Exchange Student Placed in Missouri
“I'm so glad I'm part of our marching band. This picture was taken at the last day of band camp. We had so much fun.”

Runner Up #1—Sila Yildirim, Turkish Exchange Student Placed in Texas

 “Me and Other Exchange Student from Italy”

Runner Up #2—Paula Wilcox, Host Mother in Virginia

 “Labor Day Picnic!”

Honorable Mention #1—Supawut Rujirawanich, Thai Exchange Student Placed in Michigan

 “This shot of me (on the right) and my terrific friend was taken at Holly High School Homecoming Game in Michigan. I was so excited to see the first football game of my life since there is no football like this in my home country. During the game, my friend was so interested in Thailand and asked me tons of questions about the country. That’s why it was such a great opportunity for me to exchange my culture as well as making new friend altogether. We spent our impressive moment talking and enjoying the game together. Thumb up for both of us stand for ‘Cool Dude’.”

Honorable Mention #2—Tsz Tik Cheung, Hong Kong Exchange Student Placed in Missouri

 “This picture was taken before the homecoming football game of our school. There was Atiana, Courtney, and me, we are good friends!”

Honorable Mention #3—Aqib Malik, Pakistani Exchange Student Placed in South Carolina

 “Each and every person in this group belongs to a different culture. I love diversity and I respect diversity. The person with blue jacket, half standing in the middle of two girls, is me.”

Honorable Mention #4—Gabriella Levine, Ayusa Study Abroad Student

  “Some new friends and I jumping in front of the Louvre in PARIS! I could not believe I was there!”