June 19, 2015

Celebrating Chinese New Year With an Enthusiastic Young Audience

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One rewarding aspect of cultural exchange is having the opportunity to experience many different traditions and holidays from all over the world, not just in the United States. One of our shining Ayusa students from China, Yao Cui, took the initiative to explain Chinese New Year to her classmates this year. Yao is living with the Lovelace family in Kennesaw, Georgia. Please take a few minutes to read a special message from Yao's Regional Director.This is one of my Chinese students who in her school is involved with the Chinese club. With the Chinese New Year, she had a celebration at school by inviting the students in her school to come and enjoy her Chinese Dumplings at the Chinese Club today. She stated she didn't expect many students to show because last semester they didn't show up in huge numbers. However, she had over 30 who came today for the celebration with her. Her family celebrated with her also this weekend. She really enjoyed her Chinese New Year in the US with us. I, her Ayusa regional director, sent her and my other Chinese students a Chinese Money envelope with money in it to celebrate with them. They were very excited to have received the Chinese Money envelope in he mail. I am so proud of her for doing this and she is a wonderful student on the program.

Eloise Hearns
Regional Director


Yao also wrote about her special day to her Regional Director:

Hi Eloise, Thank you so much for the card! I was so surprised when I received it. When I opened it, I think I will cry! I am so happy for the card! Thank you so much!On Saturday, I saw CCTV's great Chinese celebration, then went to Chinatown to buy dumpling skin. Then I went to Stone Mountain to play in the snow and enjoy the good view! Finally I went back home had a good dinner! It is a nice Chinese New Year forever! It is my first Chinese New Year without my family, but it is a nice Chinese New Year!Today, I did my Chinese club making dumpling after school to celebrate Chinese New Year! I made two big beautiful posters two weeks ago, all students can see it! And I do announcement after school today. I bought almost 120 pieces, they finished all of them today! I am so surprised that 32 students come. I cook the beef inside dumpling this morning and bring plate and forks to school. We use the cooking class big kitchen. I thought 28 plates was enough, I don't think many people will come because last semester my club only nine people came. But, today they can't find plate and forks to eat! They only can use hand and tinfoil to eat! Everybody likes my dumpling! It is the second time I cook dumpling by myself! The first time I was cooking because I want to practice it for Chinese club! It is fun. I just came back home and email to you and say thank you for your card!Maybe next time you can come my house, we make dumpling together! It is not hard!



Thank you both Eloise and Yao for sharing this very special story!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!

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