October 3, 2015

Becoming a Nice, Little Family

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I am Luisa and I am 16 years old. I am from Germany and I have lived for three months with my host parent Sue and my host sister Lisette (from the Netherlands) together in Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania. We have such a wonderful time together, because Sue is the best host mum you could wish for.

Our first meet was in New York. She picked us up from New York City when hurricane Irene raged along the east coast, because she did not want us to experience something bad like this in our first week in the USA. She showed us that she cares about us from the first second of our arrival.

I have had so many experiences in the last several months, listing all of them is impossible.

Sue brought us the first day to our school and made sure that we have everything that we need. We went to a few fairs in our first month, visited the capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg and had a great trip to Hershey Park/Chocolate World. My host mum took us shopping to Walmart, we baked together, decorated the house for Halloween and made “family stuff.” The night before Homecoming dance, we had the football game and the announcement of the Homecoming Queen and King. Lisette and I were in the Homecoming Court, so everyone had to walk with our parents on the football field while a moderator talked about the court members. It was such a memorable moment when Sue walked with both of us through the football field…like a family.

I guess I can say that we became a nice, little family and we have so much fun together. 

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