February 18, 2016

Ayusa YES Student Has Everyone Singing His Praise

Ayusa YES Student Has Everyone Singing His Praise

It is not rare to have school counselors or teachers sing the praise of our students. However, we at Ayusa love to see it when teachers, counselors, coaches, and even field staff band together to share just how wonderful our students are!

This was the case with Farooq, an Ayusa YES student from India living in New York. Ayusa received numerous letters from those who have been in contact with Farooq so far this year and all have nothing but glowing sentiments to share!

When it comes to classes, school counselor Matt Threehouse shared that “Farooq participates actively in class and works conscientiously toward his academic success.” He has been doing great in all of his classes, ranging from World and U.S. History to Environmental Science, English to Algebra. Besides being a great student, Farooq has been a joy to have in class. One teacher reported, “I wish more students were like Farooq, he is an exceptional young man!”

 Mr. Threehouse also shared that “Farooq frequently has a smile on his face when seen in the school” and that he has “made the easiest and most successful transition of any exchange student that I can recall in my 14 years working at Olean High School.”

Outside of classes, Farooq has become a member of 10 different clubs and has joined the school’s wrestling team. He also has volunteered well over 40 hours of community service. Farooq has lent his time to the Special Olympics, which his host brother Joshua participates in throughout the year. One of the Special Olympics volunteer coordinators shared, “[Farooq] volunteers to go with us and I am SO GLAD he did…he was a wonderful help ALL DAY LONG.”

Farooq continues to be active in both school and his community. Congratulations for being our Star Student of the Month!

If you would like to nominate a current Ayusa student to become a Star Student, send your nomination to stories@ayusa.org.

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