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Ayusa exchange students grow and learn so much while they are on program. But they don't stop once they return home! Our students take what they have learned in the U.S. and continue to make a difference back home.

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YES Alumni Helps Bridge the Hiring Gap in Oman

YES alumni Kulthoom Al Khamayasi (2005-2006) created a platform, JISSER, to bridge the hiring gap between students and employers. JISSER now connects major internship providers to over 5,000 internship seekers throughout Muscat, Oman.

YES Alumni Attend "Let Girls Learn" Summit

“The health of any nation can be measured by the health of the women in that society." –First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama

Ayusa YES Alumnus Making a Difference In Home Country

Tamba created a scholarship to fight illiteracy and make a difference for other students

Pennsylvania Family Travels to China to Reunite with Former Student

Hear about one family's journey around the world to visit their Chinese daughter

Former Ayusa Student Named Serbian Minister of Finance

Lazar Krstic's Experience with Ayusa Put Him on the Path to International Success

Lewiston exchange family unites for hosts' silver anniversary

It's easy to call them siblings, even though this was the first time most of them had met face to face.

Former Ayusa Student is First Female Japanese Commercial Pilot

Former Ayusa Student Breaks Boundaries 

Ayusa Student Turned Ayusa Staff

Looking Through Old Photos