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Hi, I am Edeco, a Spanish boy that wants to study next year in the United States. Here in Spain I am studying my 3rd year of secondary school. There would be 9th grade, so next year I would study 10 th grade. I am a happy, funny and sociable person. I love to stay busy playing basketball or soccer. I also like bicycling and video games. While on my program I would like to join a basketball or soccer team. I am not an only child, I have a brother called Magno. I am looking forward to learning about American culture and to show a little Spanish culture too. In my daily life, I go to school in the morning and to basketball training in the afternoons. And I use my freetime to do my Homework and all my chores. On weekends I usually play basketball games against other clubs. Obviously I spend time with my family and meet with my friends too. I´m in a big club in my city. We train three days a week and we play games on Saturdays. I really enjoy playing basketball and my teammates are really good friends. My family is made up of my father, my mother and my little brother. My fathers are a really good couple. My father´s name is Juan, he's a very sporty person, when he was young he used to play soccer but now he does bicycling and goes to the gym. My mother's name is Veronica. She is a very organized and hardworking person and my Little brother is called Magno. He is ten years old and also plays soccer and horse riding. My paternal side family is half german, that's because i study and speak german. I consider myself a very sociable person, I make friends easily. I also think I am responsible with school and with all the tasks I need to do. And I try to enjoy every moment and show the best side of myself. I want to thank you in advance for give me This grate opportunity. Edeco

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Spanish (native), English (10+ years), German (9 years)



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Magno (11)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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