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Rifah Ibnat

's Letter

Dear American family, At first I want to express my warm greetings to you all. I am Rifah Ibnat. I live with my mom and dad in a city of Bangladesh. My mother is a teacher and my father is a businessman. As my parents are working, I love to spend quality times with them in the weekends. In the weekends, we often go out for outings and also we go out for dinners sometimes. Occasionally, we also plan a small family picnic on nice sunny day. I also enjoy playing several board games with my mom and dad. I enjoy playing badminton with my father and I also enjoy learning a bit of cooking from my mother. In the weekdays, after a whole busy day we'd love to have a nice conversation and share how our day went while having our dinner together. I have some responsibilities at home too. I have a small garden in my balcony and I have the responsibility to water the plants regularly. I have a responsibility of keeping my room clean and also helping my mom and dad if they need any kind of help. I also have the responsibility to help my mom and cooking and prepare the evening tea for my father when he comes back from work. I have interest in several extracurricular activities. I have interest in singing, dancing, poem recitation and debating etc. I am also a member of girls Guild association. I love being a part of this voluntary organization because it helps me to learn social works and responsibilities. I really have a great interest in science. I love learning about different branches of science. I also love taking part in science fairs. I also have a great interest in learning about diplomacy. So, i also take part in MUN that helps me to learn about world diplomacy. I really love spending time with my friends. We enjoy working together in Group projects, wall magazines and science projects a lot. We also go out for lunch in the weekends sometimes. We invite each other to our houses on special occasions and festivals we love celebrating different festivals together, as our country is a state of vibrant cultures and festivities. The city I live in is known as the cleanest and greenest city of our country. This is a city of peace, lights and joy. The people live in the city are very much fun loving and peaceful. I have a future plan to be a doctor. I want to work for the betterment of public health and I want to ensure proper treatment for the people who are deprived of it. Besides, I also want to make researches on several diseases. I have a great enthusiasm to explore the world. It is one of my dream to see the surreal beauty that is hidden in different corners of the world. I love to pass my leisure by listening to music and reading books period I also have a great interest in playing different kinds of musical instruments. I prefer to eat all sorts of delicious food. I really hope to have an awesome experience as an exchange student. And quite sure of it that I'll be able to make thousands of sweet memories that will remain ever fresh in my heart and memory. It is really a great opportunity for me to represent the diversified and vibrant culture of our country. It will be an amazing experience for me to learn about the culture of a beautiful country like the USA. I'm really excited about making more and more new friends and to tell them about my culture and also I'd really love to know about their cultures too period from this exchange program I can work to develop my skills and also it will ensure me to study in a country like the USA for a year which is absolutely an amazing opportunity for me. I can learn about a developed education system which is very important period I also want to gain certain experiences by participating in different activities that exist in the United states. It will be great for me to live with my amazing American family and the moments and memories that will be made with my host family will surely be one of the best memories of my entire life. It will give me lots of learnings and amazing experiences for sure. I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in the new environment. It will be so nice for me to celebrate the amazing festivals that is celebrated in the United states with my American family. My dear host family, I hope to have a great time with you all and living with you all will definitely be an amazing experience for me. I cannot wait to learn many things from you all and create amazing memories together. It'll always be a great experience for me to represent my culture to you all and also to learn about the beautiful culture that exists in there. I am looking forward to all of the moments that we'll share and the memories that we'll create together. This exchange program will surely make a positive impact on my journey. It will definitely be a matter of fortune for me to be a part of my amazing American family. My warm regards to you all. Thank you so much. Best regards, Rifah Ibnat

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Bengali (native), English (10+ years), Hindi (2 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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