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's Letter

Dear American family, I hope you all are doing well. At this minute while, I am writing this letter to introduce myself to you. My name is Muezina and my friends, family and relatives call me MOZI. I am a 15 year old teenager taking my first step as an exchange student. I am super excited about my journey as an exchange student to US and meeting my future host family. I am currently studying in 10th grade in secondary school. I live in an urban city. Actually, it is a federal state. It is a busy area. Despite this, it feels so safe and peaceful here. It is an ideal place to live with its breathtaking beauty, greenery and amazing infrastructure. Let me introduce my sweet family to you. I come from a family of six members which include my father, mother, two brother and one sister. My parents are so loving, supporting and understanding. I am the eldest among siblings. One of my brother is 1 years younger than me. I have kind of best friendship with him. We are a happy family. Every day, no matter what, how busy we are, we eat our dinner together. This is our family time. At that time, we talk about our whole day. Sometimes, we even crack jokes and have a fun talk. This is my favorite time of the day. We love to play games together. We perform religious activities together. We go for a countryside trip in vacations. At home, I take care of my siblings. I help them in studies. Sometimes, I make tea for my friends and family. I prepare breakfast for myself. I help my mother in household chores. I make my bed and clean my room every day. I organize my wardrobe and library once in a week. I organize my study area daily. Moreover, I like to decorate my house. I love adding new colors and elements to my house. I do makeover after a year. I am an organized person. Further talking about my interests, I love playing badminton. I love urban sketching. I like to paint stuff. It's a therapy for me. Painting heals my soul. I like crafting and drawing too. I do calligraphy in English and Arabic. Additionally, I love cooking, especially baking but my baking skills are not good enough to bake a cake properly. Most importantly, I love traveling, I love exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new food. I love to eat as much as much as I love to cook. I am keenly interested in advanced technology (robotics) and free-lancing. I often read books to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love music. Especially, Taylor Swift is my favorite. My weekdays are so busy and boring. So, in vacations or weekends, I want to have fun. So, I invite my friends at home or go to my grandma's place. At my grandma's place, I have a lot of friends. I watch cartoons along with them. I try crafts with them. I talk my heart out. We prepare festival gifts for elders because we go there before festivals usually. I try having fun as much as possible. I bake with them. We play together, have fun and talk a lot. One of my friend lives near my house, we studied together at home. I am obsessed with badminton because of her. She is an awesome player. Sometimes, I go for an evening walk along with her to relax. We are so close to each other. Talking about my career plans, I want to be a neurosurgeon. Also, I want to travel across the world, learn new languages, try out new food, different energy, atmosphere etc. I want to serve people all across the world with my skills. Currently, I am working on these three ambitions. Something, I want you to know about me that I am a friendly and positive person. I believe that we'll have a strong bonding with each other in short time but being a Muslim, i will have to fast for 30 days in a year, I will have to offer prayers five times a day. So, I’ll need a separate room for this. I hope you'll understand. I believe that we all are humans, master creation of our God, independent of cast, creed, religion, race etc. I am looking forward to learn a lot from you. I will try to adopt your lifestyle. I would love to experience new people, new city, new culture etc. It will also be great visiting a new city which I'll make my home for next year. I hope we'll meet soon, Lot’s of love Muezina

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