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Dear American Family, I am Ibrahim, a 16 years old teenager who is excited -to say the least- to live with you for a whole year. I am an energetic teen with a kind heart and a huge passion for sports. At times, I can really be productivebut there will be days where I'll sit on the couch and sleep or just chill under a blanket. I currently live with my parents and my younger brother, we are a really close family and we value eachother very much. We like to hangout a lot and especially try out new restaurants or explore new things and places everytime we have the possibility to do so. At home, everyone contributes to the chores but I personally get to clean the table, take out trash and offer my help to everyone in need with something. I can wash the dishes from time to time or get the clothes in and out the washing machine. As mentioned earlier, I love sports especially soccer, volleyball and padel. I also enjoy running and basketball but i'm less good in these two. Other than that, I am absolutely keen on Formula 1 and my favourite driver is Lewis Hamilton. On another note, I am also a big fan of books and movies and I wouldn't mind spending Hours reading or binge watching a film or a show. I have a fair amount of friends and peers, we pretty much have the same interests although you can say I have my soccer friends and my book friends. I live in the Capital city of my country, it is a fairly big ciy with over 1 million in population. It is extremely beautiful and crowded with historical landmarks and architectural marvels -with people too-. I would love to brilliantly succeed in my baccalaureate exam and pursue my higher education in an Ivy League university. My major would either be finance or engineering but what really matters to me is majoring in a field I appreciate. A dream of mine would also be to, one day, be able to become either the president of my country or atleast my favourite sports team. During my year with you, I would like to experience what truely is "The American dream" and by that I mean I want to know better the differences and clashes between our two cultures to better bridge between them. In a quest to embracing both cultures and mixing between them, I am counting on your willingness to share your traditions so as to broaden my horizons and be sure that I'll do the same as I am ready and waiting for the possibility to make our exchange enriching and memorable. I am looking forward to meeting you all and live the wonderful experience that awaits us. Ibrahim

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