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Pedro Antonio

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Dea American Host family, Hello, my name is Pedro I live in a great city with my mom and 2 dogs, one dog calls Beto he is a Labrador, and I have another small dog called Fefeu who is 2 years old and a smaller dog. We live very close to the beach and in the same place that I grown up all my life. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and all of them are older then me, I have 4 nephews, one of my sisters, my brother and two of my nephews live close to me in the same city my other sister who have my other two nephews live in another city where my dad lives too. I like to do outdoors activities where I live, like going to the beach, playing soccer, swimming and riding bikes. My neighborhood is very calm and everybody knows each other, living here all my life was good, but im a guy who need to have some different experience and wants to know different cultures and people, and that is why I decided to go the High School Exchange in US. I have been to the United States two times, in 2018 and 2019 ,I went to Miami and Orlando now in 2024 and since last year i got me thinking that I will love to have study in a new culture ,see different point of view of life,and I think will be a great experience! About me: I am patient guy that want's to learn from the older people, hear stories of their life and learn different stuffs that living where I live I would never learn. I love being with my friend and doing activites with them. In school I am not the best student but I always dedicate to studies. My hobbies are to play videogames ,watch series and movies and they helped me a lot to learn english too.I love the Christmas and the weekend's when my family get together to make barbecue and differents foods. In sports I am not the best soccer player but I love watching soccer ,I dont loose any game of my team, I like playing with my friends. I also love going on different restaurants too,I have been in a lot of restaurants with my brother trying different foods, but I love sushi and the restaurant outback. My mom made me very responsible and independent ,I pay my counts of celphone and other stuff, and i help her in her enterprise two times a week. I have started this year there and im liking a lot to help her and learning how is her work e and knowing new people is fun. I hope that the Exchange in US be a great life experience for me and may American host family, make new friends , that shows me a different vision of the world and helps me to make sure what I want to be in the future and I know that this experience will make me a better person. Thank you for receiving me in your family and am very excited with my exchange in USA! Hugs Pedro Antonio from Brazil

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Ananda (40) Emiliano (33) Fernanda (36)

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