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Dear host family, I'm Antonio. I live in a small city in the autonomous community of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. I consider myself a social person, easily connecting with others and appreciating their kindness. Soccer is my passion, honed during a week of training with Real Madrid when I was 12. CR7 is my favorite player; his philosophy of effort over talent resonates with me. I resist peer pressure, abstaining from alcohol, vaping, or smoking. Academically, I excel, particularly in Math and English, though I also enjoy Economics. However, my future lies in pursuing a science degree, needing a shift away from Economics. My personality, shaped by life experiences, sets me apart. In my house, I live with my father, Juan Antonio, turning 50 this year, my brother Manuel, turning 14, and my sister Mencia, turning 9. Sadly, my mother passed away in 2019 from lung cancer and other medical issues. Her loss made me mentally stronger, and I believe I can live well independently. My family and I are Catholic Christians, but I don't usually practice Christianity much myself. My friend group consists of 12 people, but I'll focus on those with whom I have the closest bond. Jaime, Floren, and I are inseparable. Floren, my best friend, lives near my town. Jaime has been a friend since daycare and also shares the soccer field with me. Dani joined our school at age 9, and we both have ambitions for future success. Pablo and I have been friends since we were 8, playing on the same team together. I've known Pablo since childhood, although our connection has waned over time. These friends make up my inner circle, sharing unforgettable moments and supporting each other. My passion for soccer began in my early years, inspired by Spain's 2010 World Cup victory and memories of iconic moments like Iniesta's winning goal. Soccer's importance in my life grew alongside witnessing the best of Spanish football, with legends like Messi, Ronaldo, and Iniesta shaping my love for the sport. Despite facing challenges, I honed my skills, transitioning from a winger to a forward known for aerial play and robustness. In the United States, I'm drawn to the New York City team, influenced by David Villa's presence. Music fuels my activities, from Brazilian beats before matches to introspective tunes during breaks. Music enhances my experiences, but I avoid it while studying to maintain focus. The summer in Oxford was enriching, learning English and forming lifelong connections. I proposed attending my first year of high school in the US to further improve my language skills. Post-graduation, I aim to pursue engineering, possibly at the University of Navarra or in the Spanish Army General Academy, with ambitions to start a business later in life. Financially, I plan to invest in properties, utilize income from family olive groves, and engage in stock market ventures. My daily routine involves disciplined study and extracurricular activities, balancing soccer practice and English academy sessions. I'm grateful for the hospitality and assure a memorable stay with my social and helpful demeanor. I prioritize maintaining a tidy living space and offer assistance with household chores. I'm committed to fostering positive relationships and ensuring a rewarding experience for all involved. Looking forward to meeting you soon, Antonio

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Manuel (14) Mencia (8)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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