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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for considering me as an exchange student and letting me live with your family. First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lieke and I live in the Netherlands. It is my dream to live in America as a high-schooler and experience the American culture. Some of the reasons why I would want to go, are challenging myself by living in a complete other situation, increase my self-confidence and learning more about the American habits and day-to-day routine. I like to play hockey, go to the gym, watch movies, sing, do my hair, read, work and be with friends and family. My friends would describe me as outgoing, spontaneously, sportive and social. I’m not necessarily the ‘front runner’, but I can easily make contact in a group of people. My goal is to make new friends and push some of my limits. In America I would like to participate in the school field hockey team. If that is not possible I would like to try out another sport, like volleyball or tennis. In the Netherlands we do not have cheerleading teams, so maybe I would like to try that. I think it is great that high schools provide in so many options. Here at home I work at a supermarket for approximately ten hours a week and I work as a cashier. I like this work because I live in a small town and know a lot of costumers. It’s nice to have a small chat with them at the counter so that they know that they are welcome. At home I have my own chores to help in the household and they contain feeding our cat, cleaning the dishwasher, cooking dinner, cleaning when I am asked to and I have to tidy up my own room. At school I like history, geography and English. I am quite serious at school: I pay attention in the class and I do my homework properly, but I am always in for a chat with my classmates and friends. In the future I would like to study facility management and my goal is to work in a hospital. This is an English education and also gives opportunities to work abroad. I expect that my high school year contributes to my English and to my experience at living abroad. This could help me with my future study. I am looking forward to meet you, Kind regards, Lieke

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Dutch (native), English (10+ years), German (5 years)



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Iris (18) Jens (14)

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