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Dear family, I am Inés, a new exchange student. I am very excited and grateful for this new opportunity that has been given to me. First, I'm going to talk about my family. My parents divorced when I was very little and since then I live one week with my mother and another with my father, since they have joint custody of me, although they get along very well. I have three siblings, two brothers and a sister, all younger than me. I really enjoy spending time with my family. We really like to go out and walk around the city center on weekends, we also usually go to the theater or the cinema, and sometimes we watch some sports that we like, as tennis, basketball or soccer. And, above all, I love traveling with my family. I also help at home. I keep my room clean, set and remove the table and organize some rooms in the house such as the living room or kitchen. I help my brothers with their homework and do my own, in addition to studying for my exams. In my free time I love listening to music, and I love it even more if it's Harry Styles, Taylor Swift or One Direction. Those are my favourite singers. In fact, this summer I went with my friends to “Love On Tour”, Harry Styles' last world tour. I have also attended One Direction member Niall Horan's concert and I am about to attend “The Eras Tour”, Taylor Swift's current world tour. Watching movies and series is another of my favourite things to do. My favourite series of all time is FRIENDS, but I also enjoy watching Outer Banks or The Vampire Diaries, to name just a few. As for movies, I like all genres, like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Notting Hill or La La Land or even more classics like The Sound of Music. Another thing I love to do is travel. Since I was little I have been very lucky in this matter, since I have been able to travel to many places such as Paris, Dublin, Rome or Peru. I love discovering new cultures and learning about the customs of each country I visit. I also spend a lot of time with my best friends, Sara, Paula, Caye, Sandra and Diana. We like to go to the movies, have dinner and stay the night. We usually go out on Fridays or weekends, since we don't have as much homework and we can relax and have a good time together. I see myself as a shy person, but when I gain confidence I open myself and I could became an easy-going girl. I am an educated and respectful girl, who wants to continue growing as a person and as a student with this experience of studying for a year in the US. What I think I can contribute to my host family is to live at home in a respectful way and with the desire to learn everything possible about the routines of the home where I stay, and the day-to-day life of being part of an American family. Of course, if you are interested, I would be glad to tell you about my country. From this experience, in addition to learning a lot of English, I would like to make good friends who can help me deepen my learning about US culture. I have always wanted to visit the US and I think it is a fascinating country to discover. Some problems I think I may face during my exchange year are being away for my family and friends for such a long time and I might get homesick sometimes. Also, I am afraid of dogs, and I know that this may be an inconvenient, but I would try my best (in case you have a dog) to get used to it as long as I don’t have direct contact with it, at least the very first days, since I have never been in close contact with dogs and it will be difficult to me to get rid of this fear. To finish, I would like to thank you for letting me be a part of your family and welcoming me, I have no words to express hoy grateful I am from you, because without you this experience couldn't be possible. I am sure we will get along with each other and have an amazing year together. Best regards, Inés.

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