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Dear American Family I'm Maria Clara, and I currently live with my mom and my dad, but I have a sister too! We grew up together however she is now studying law in another city. I'm very proud that she went to a renowned college, here in Brazil the federal colleges are excellent, above all I miss her a lot in my daily life, I love having someone to do common things with. My mother was a school director for a long time, now she works at the education department in my city, I consider her a very hard-working woman. My father is a commercial manager, he was born in a city in the interior and had to fight hard to achieve a better quality of life. I study at a pretty big school in my city, I met most of my friends there. Education at this school is very good. I really like learning new things, my favorite subjects are chemistry and history, I'm interested in philosophy too. In college I intend to study law, I really enjoy learning about crimes and how the legal system works. Above all, I want to travel and discover new places and people before pursuing a permanent career. In my opinion, the best experiences are gained through the opportunities that life gives us. I usually wake up very early around 6 am because my neighborhood is not that close to the school; my class starts at 7:20 am and ends at 1 pm, on the days that I stay at school late for English classes or extra classes, I take my own food because I like to have a healthier diet, but there are days when my friends and I go to the mall for lunch. After class I usually go to the gym every day. As my parents work all day, I get around by bus. At night I finish some tasks and make dinner with my father and when there is a soccer game being broadcast we always watch it. On the weekends I like to go out with my friends for different situations, sometimes we go out for dinner, we also like to get together at each other's houses to rest. Especially there are several weekends where I just stay at home and rest. On Sundays my family usually visits my grandmother. My sister comes to our city once a month. I am a person who loves going out with my friends and family, I love being funny and my favorite thing is to laugh. However, I am also very goal-oriented and never let anyone affect me. I think the best things in life are when we enjoy being ourselves and enjoying the presence of those we like. Above all, enjoying our own company is also very good, I love reading books, lately I've been slowing down a bit because I have to study more for school. As I said, I love reading, but I also love watching movies and series. When it comes to sports, I'm more into the gym because I've been practicing for a while, in school classes, I like to play volleyball and basketball, to be honest, I'm not really good, but at least I try. During my exchange I would like to take basketball classes because I'm very interested and I don't have much affinity here in Brazil. I've always had the dream of seeing the world and meeting different people, getting to know new cultures is like seeing the world from different perspectives for me and that enchants me. My goal when going on exchange is to have experiences that can change the person I am, but of course, always maintaining my principles, and that also help in my professional career. . I'm looking forward to joining a family that, like me, enjoys the adventures that life offers us and to meeting my future school and friends, I believe this experience will be unique!I am a person who loves making new friends, traveling, telling stories and much more, I hope you share the same interests as mine! I already traveled to Orlando and Miami in 2019, it was a sensational experience, even more so because I discovered Disney, which is a magical place! I was able to get to know a little more about the USA, which is very different from Brazil! Hearing people speaking another language was kind of funny because at that time I didn't understand it very well. I am extremely happy to be able to have this experience and grateful for being able to welcome me into your daily lives! I'm really looking forward to meeting them in August!! Maria

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Maria Vitória (19)

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