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Dear future host family, My name is Felizitas and I’m currently sixteen years old, but I will turn 17 in January .I would go to the USA for 10 months. I am looking forward to experience the American High School and in general the American way of life. Maybe I can also show you (as my future host family) some aspects from the German culture. During my time in the US, I hope to find close friends and of course a wonderful host family to who I would love to stay connected with even when I am back in Germany. Beside these things I also want to improve my English. The most important reason why I wanted to become an exchange student is, that I love to see new things and especially to meet new people and make new friends. My home town, where I live since I was born, is called Wiesbaden , Here I live together with my father Manfred, my Mother Daniela and my Grandma Marianne . My father is a mechanical engineer by profession and work for a large Japanese chemical company in Wiesbaden. My Mom works as a doctor's assistant in a general medical practice, they are really busy because of that I really enjoy to do something with them . I have a good relationship with everyone of my family and especially with my cousin Toni .She is my Best friend and we make a lots of things together like shopping or traveling Me and my family always travelled a lot to many different countries but the USA always fascinated me because there are so many different things. For example there are these big cities like New York or Los Angeles but then there are also these regions like Texas with big ranches. After my summer holidays I will attend 11 grade in school. My favorite subjects are Biology and of course English. I think our school system is quite different from yours and I am very curious to see how yours function. While I go to the High School I hope that I can choose some interesting subjects like psychology because here in Germany we do not have subjects like these and I’m really interested in. I am doing dancing and I really love it. I started 11years ago and loved it since my first lesson. I have training 3 times a week and in addition I am a coach for the crazys (the younger ones). In the US I would love to do dance during my exchange.I dance modern dance and contemporary dance. In my free-time I often meet with my friends and then go to the city, go shopping, go to the cinema or just talk. Sometimes we also cook or bake together. I also like to read especially science Fiction and love stories. And of course, I also like to watch some series on Netflix, I prefer mystery series or comedy. It would be great if I could try something new while I am in the US for example to join a club at High School. I would describe me as an optimistic, outgoing and reliable person. I always try do my best and not give up early. I am a little shy at first but once you get better know me I’m a very talkative and I am also a good listener. I am very much looking forward to meet you! Kind regards, Felizitas

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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