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Dear Host Family, Thank you for hosting me during my Journey in the US! This whole trip has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to your hospitality I’ll have a chance to truly experience the American dream. During this time abroad, I hope to create a special bond with you, make lots of new friendships, better understand American culture, but also learn more about its art, cinema, history and sports. After high school I’d like to study foreign languages or visual arts (cinematography) and my goal is to be able to travel around the world while working, because I really enjoy traveling, especially by plane. Embracing a new lifestyle has never been too much of a problem for me as I’ve traveled a lot as a kid and coming from a mixed family, I have developed a love for different cultures as they are easier to understand for me. I was born in northern Italy to an Italian dad and a Chinese mother, who happened to have met and got married in America. My mother Nancy passed away in 2022 so now our family consists of me, my dad Diego and my brother Leonardo, although we still argue from time to time our relationship is stronger than ever. Me and my brother had to learn how to do various household chores to be more independent and my dad had to improve his cooking skills ever since my mum passed away. We love watching sci-fi movies and comedies together while having dinner, which is either prepared by me or my dad (yet my brother is the one who decides what we eat and watch most of the time). I have a good relationship with my father as I never hide anything from him, I always tell him about what goes on in my life. We also have 3 cats: Mando, Fury and Grogu, respectively 2 boys and 1 girl, although they are from the same litter, they are very different: The first is really big and lazy, the second is small and scared all the time and the third is chubby and hates being touched on the belly. When I’ll move out of my house I hope to adopt a large breed dog and have him grow up with a kitten. My dad loves electric cars, astronomy, anything space related really, I inherited his passion but in a much more moderate way. My brother loves Legos, he swims and plays hockey as a goalkeeper. I love drawing, snowboarding, swimming, but I also like to watch war movies and learn about aviation history. Right now I am taking a break from swimming and I am training with weights but, since I’ll be working as a lifeguard this summer, I’ll have to start swimming again soon. I like watching soccer and basketball matches with my friends or going snowboarding with them. I also love listening to rap music from the 90’s and 2000’s whilst drawing. I like my school, I get good grades but I work hard on always trying to do better and improve myself. I love studying subjects that are exclusive to my school like photography or history of art. I’m really enthusiastic to get to participate in this program. I hope that through this program I’ll be able to adapt and to develop my persona, becoming more mature and aware. I’ll give and do my best to make this a smooth ride, I hope to make you proud and happy of having me there. I’m excited to get to know you all. Love, -Davide

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Leonardo (11)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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