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Singing - Choir or Karaoke
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Learning languages or cultures
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Playing Piano or Musical Instruments
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Skiing Downhill or Snowboarding
Table Tennis/Ping Pong
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's Letter

Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for being willing to participate in the exchange program and accepting me to live with your family. I am a French girl and I am currently in an art high school. One of my biggest dream is to explore the entire world, and America would be my start. I love discovering differents cultures, meet new people, and share my own culture. When talking about myself I would start by saying that I deeply enjoy baking, theatre, writing and music. I am someone who is very open minded, funny (I hope at least), creative and artistic. I enjoy sports as well, such as badminton,tennis table, climbing, swimming, skiing and dancing. I can speak French fluently, since itis my mother tongue, yet I have been learning german since a few years at school and the same goes with english. However you could quickly guess which one I master the most ! Indeed, English is a language that I truly love, and I started learning english by myself by watching american series and shows and such. So I look forward being fluent in English! I have been doing drama for only 2 years, but I always enjoyed playing. This is now one of my three majors in high school. I would love to join a drama club if there is one in my future school in America or nearby. I completely understand that I may not be able to join that club, or that they might not be a drama club at all, but that is absolutely fine. I would be glad and very interested to try other new things in diverse school clubs. I also play piano, as a hobby, and I have been learning by myself! I took some lessons in the past but then stopped for some time and rediscovered how much I enjoy music so I now play a lot in my free time. I also like singing and hope to join the school choir in America. Then to talk a bit more about my own country, I think the french gastronomy and french language are the most important parts of French culture. I am glad to share the beauty of the French culture with my host family. I also would like to show my host family how we celebrate each events. I would gladly share my knowledge in cooking and baking, and help prepare meals such as french food to my host family! But without forgetting to show and watch french movies and songs that I, myself, like. My dad is chief accountant and he likes bicycling. My mom is a police officer and she loves traveling. My older sister is three years older than me and is currently at the university. We are a close family, even though my parents got divorced and I hope to become kind of a part of your family as well. I am very motivated to come to the United Stated, and share our culture to each others :). I really wish to learn the american's culture. I believe we can create unforgettable memories together. I am excited and cannot wait to be there with you ! Warm Regards, Eilyn

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French (native), English (10+ years), German (6 years)



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Maelys (19)

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