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's Letter

Hi, My name is Pablo. I am the second one in my family of three siblings: Rocio, Cristina and myself. We are such a team, actually the whole family is such a team, together with Mum and Dad. Cristina the oldest is studying Computer Engineering, she and my Dad are the tech guys in the family. Rocio is still in school in primary and she is the clevest in my family!! Also remembering I have a dog called Isla and she is wonderful, she is an Australian Coberdog is a mixture of poodle and farmer there`s only three hatcheries on the world, Spain, Australia and in the Unites States. I love spending time with animals because I love them and with my sisters as well, I would realy love having a pet (dog). In regard to my school life, I love my school!! and i been studying there since I was 5 years old. It is a great school. I am a good student with quite good grades. I love sports. I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old and is definately my favorite sport. I have always played for my school team since I came to school and I am still with my best friends. I have a quite good resume: two years consecuently i´ve been the top scorer of my team and from the league and this year still im the first one. I also love play basketball, I don`t get to practise it as much as I do with soccer but all the weekends I go with my little sister that she loves playing basketball and we spent a really good time with her teaching her some new techniques. I have a lot of other hobbies, I love music and play tennis. I also go frecuently to football stadiums with my Dad to watch the matches. Also with my entire family almost all the time every Saturday or Sunday we watch a film together and now has became like a hobbie and we have so much fun!! Talking about vacation in Christmas holiday, Easter, and Summer I go with my family from my Dad to Andalucia and I have such a good time with my cousins, aunts and grandparents.In summer I go to the south of Spain this area have the best beaches in Spain and I go there with my family and sometimes with my grandparents and for sure that is the best vacation you can have there. Also I really love travel to other countrys, and with my familly two times per year we do a family trip. I would like you to know that I participate in the chores of the house:making my bed, keeping my room tide, doing the dishes, taking my dog for a walk…, my Mum says I´m the greatest!! I am also very sociable. I love my family and enjoy spending time with them but I also love spending time with my friends and love meeting people. Getting to learn about the American culture, meeting new people and making American Friends are the main reasons why I would like to spend one year in the United States living with an American family. Should I have this opportunity I will make the best out of it and I would also make my best effort so my American family have a great experience as well and enjoy having me around!! Thanks for taking the time of Reading this letter and looking forward to meeting you soon!! Regards, Pablo

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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