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's Letter

Hi, my name is Caterina. I come from Italy and I live in a quite big family: I have one brother and one sister that is currently in Minnesota as an exchange student. My sister and brother and I have a really strong bond, and growing up in a big family means also having to adapt. My family in fact has always thought me to adapt, to be humble, to always be kind and respectful. I enjoy doing family activities like walking, hiking or even just cooking together. Family activities to me are a really special moment during the day when I can tell my parents and siblings how was my day and what I’m thinking about. Sports are a fundamental part of my life: since I was little I have done many various sports ranging from skiing and snowboarding to windsurfing, sailing, tennis and volleyball. I am particularly fond of windsurfing even if I started not so long ago. I love the feeling of wind and water when I windsurf. Windsurfing is also my favourite activity along sailing during summertime. The breeze of the lake and the sun tanning my skin during summer make me feel at ease and serene. Sports to me are not only just an activity but they are also a way to make new friends and to relax. I have also a keen interest in music and films. I love listening to various genres of music ranging from pop to artists like U2. On the other hand my favourite films genres are comedies and romantic films. But overall my favourite activity is to hang out with my friends: my city offers many nice places for young people like cinemas, a shopping mall and many others. I really enjoy animals in fact my family has a cat, his name is Tommaso. I always wanted to have various animals like dogs, fishes even rabbits…I would say that I loved taking care of animals since I was really little. Studying and learning new things to me is interesting and really important. I think that knowledge makes me grow not only as a person but also intellectually and morally. School is for me a place where I get to know new topics while being surrounded by my friends and the people that I care for. My favourite subjects at school are P.E., chemistry and biology. I'm eager to be an exchange student in America and I hope to immerse myself in its diverse culture, make lifelong friendships, and experience the American way of life firsthand. It's not just about textbooks and classrooms; I want to immerse myself in a vibrant environment, understand different perspectives, and create memories that go beyond the ordinary. America to me means a once in a life time experience that offers the perfect stage for my personal growth and unforgettable adventures. Thank you for reading my letter and for choosing me as an exchange student. I am super thrilled about this huge opportunity and I can’t wait to dive in a new culture and to make the most of this experience. Your confidence in me means a lot and I am ready to embrace this adventure with open arms. Thank you so much again, Caterina.

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