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Dear host family: Hi! my name is Tomas, and I’m 16. I’m an outgoing, chill person, I like going outdoors, listening to music, reading, going trekking, biking and playing story-rich games such as TLOZ, Night in the woods, Half-life, Portal and Omori. Among my favorite music artists are: Car Seat Headrest, Alex G, Arctic Monkeys and Tyler, The Creator. I love books such as Scott Pilgrim, Shimeji Simulation and Nichijou. Some of my favorite movies/tv shows are BoJack Horseman, Baby driver, Isle of dogs, Breaking bad, Gravity Falls and Inside job. I like trying new things and having a healthy, varied diet. I really, really like cold weathers and travelling. I want to live with an American family and go to an American school to learn more about American culture and history, because I’ve always liked learning about different cultures around the globe. Last year, I went to the UK with my school and I liked learning about their culture. My dad is a sales manager at a Chinese company that produces inflatable pool toys, my stepmom is an English translator, my mom is a full-time mother. I have two sisters on my mom’s side, 11 and 12 years old, and they like drawing and making home films. I have a friend group of about 10 people, and we’re always hanging out, and they always ask me to organize outings. With my dad’s family, we always hang out on the weekends and we often have barbeques. My mom lives in the city while my dad and stepmom live in the countryside, which I go to every other weekend. For my future education, I’d really like to study abroad, and getting a PhD in astrophysics or something similar, and career-wise, I’d like a flexible job I can do at home. I hope that we have a great time together! and thank you so much for participating in this so I have an opportunity at going to the US. :) I hope I see you soon!

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Spanish (native), English (10+ years)



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(Sadly) Allergic to cats, they make me sneeze a lot

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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