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Dear Host Family, First of all I want to thank you so so much for willing to participate in the exchange Programm and accepting me to live with your family. I’m sure we will have such a great time. I am a german girl. I’ve been to America two times already and I really want to learn more about the American culture and what it’s like to actually live there. I love watching movies and series. I am a very outgoing, flexible, creative and motivating person. I am fast fascinated by anything and love to learn new skills. I love doing sports such as dancing or skateboarding. I also enjoy playing the drums. I speak German and a bit of Spanish, and i would like to become even better in English. Because of my love for sports I would like to join the cheerleading group at my HighSchool. I surely understand that that may not be possible so I am interested in trying other things and joining school clubs. After I finish school I want to study Psychologie. It always has been one of my top Interesses. My dad is in charge of a company which sells facades all over the world and he loves soccer. My mom works half-time as an Doctor’s receptionist and she loves visiting our friends at the sea.i also have three little siblings. They are 13,11 and 8. We are a loving family and always take care of each other and I hope to become a part of your family as well. Most of the time I see my friends in school when we have classes together. On the weekends we do different things together such as going to the movies or having a sleepover. I think the German art culture and German food are some of the most important parts of the German culture. And while learning about the American culture I would also like to introduce you to the German culture. We could watch some of the most popular movies of Germany. Of course in English. I would love to cook traditional German food for you as well. I will also show you some typical german songs. Maybe you’ll even like some. When I saw all the pictures of the happy exchange students I just became more determined about going to the US. I believe that I can also take amazing pictures and even more important, make amazing memories with you and my new friends in America. I am exited to become a part of your family! Warm Regarts, Sarah

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Carla (14) Kira (11) Mads (9)

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