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Dear American Family, At this minute while I'm writing this letter to you, I am very glad that I have the chance to introduce myself to you. My name is Ali and I'm almost 15 years old, I come from a family of six made up of my parents and three siblings. We live in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. My family and I enjoy going out to the beach together, and we also like to play board games like Monopoly. I love spending time with my older sister the most since we are very close, she is like my best friend but even better. Some of my responsibilities at home are buying groceries from the corner shop, taking the garbage out, babysitting my two younger siblings, and taking turns with my older sister cleaning the living room and the halls. One of my interests is soccer I've been playing the sport for several years and I'm currently captain of my soccer team. I don't only enjoy playing it I also like to watch it and my favorite team is Barcelona. Another thing I'm interested in and want to learn more about is chess, I've recently started playing chess and found a big interest in it. I also enjoy biking, I bike everywhere, to soccer practice, to the supermarket, the park, and anywhere in my neighborhood. I also like to write, especially stories, since it helps me express myself. I rarely swim but when I do I love it. My group of friends is an important part of my life, we like to play, watch, and talk about sports together. We also like to go out and watch movies, especially scary ones since they are very exciting. We like to go bowling every once in a while, which I'm the best at among my friends. Another thing we do is play video games together, our favorite is FIFA, I am the worst at it among all my friends and always lose, but I still have fun playing the game with them. We also study together for our finals. I come from a beautiful city located in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Something cool about it is that it's the biggest oasis in the world! Where I live we have a very interesting culture I would love to tell you all about. We are also known to have delicious food and many historical sites. My city is rich in natural resources like Oil, here we have the biggest oil field in the world known as Al Ghawar oil field. I'm planning on studying medicine in the future and becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Ever since I was young I've always dreamt of becoming a doctor, dressing like one on spirit day back in elementary school. While talking about being an orthopedic surgeon with my family, my father asked me "Why an orthopedic?" my response was that I've always been fascinated by the human skeleton and it seemed fun, kind of like being a human mechanic! One of my dreams is to travel the world, and I believe this would be a great opportunity to learn more about American culture and gain experience in a different environment. It's a unique opportunity and a one-in-a-lifetime experience and I know I will learn so much through it. I also want to teach people all about my culture and learn about others. I'm very excited to meet you and have this experience. I can't wait to begin this amazing journey with you! Sincerely, Ali

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