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Dear Prospective Host Family, I am grateful that you can read this letter and I hope that you will like my profile. My name is Juliette and the prospect of joining your family excites me ! I want you to know that I’m an extrovert person, who enjoys social connections, and I am really motivated to participate in various family activities. I find joy in being around people, especially when participating in fun activities (like festivals, cinema, ice-skating, …), but I also like relaxing moments with the family, like getting on the couch and watching TV. I love cinema, watching movies and series. I really like science fiction (Star Wars or Harry Potter...) and action movies (like Fast and Furious, Fight Club or Scarface). Surfing is one of my passions, offering a unique connection with nature. Although I began two years ago, I have always been close to the sea thanks to my father. He took us scuba diving, sailing or paddle since we were young, with my brother. I also have an interest about astronomy and enjoy exploring the mysteries of it. My mother doesn't approve of pets, so even though I love them ( especially dogs), we don't have any at home. I have a liking for many other things, such as fashion, cooking, listening to music, soccer and more ! My favorite time of the year is probably summer. Every summer, I go 3 weeks in Corsica (an island) to see my family who comes from there (almost the whole side of my father). But before that, these last 2 years we went surfing and camping. Otherwise, in the summer, I like to go out in the evening with my friends, and go to the beach or to the pool during the day ! We are lucky in France, because the summer holidays last almost 3 months! For the Christmas holidays, we have two weeks. We often visit our entire family, and celebrate Christmas Eve with my grandparents. On weekends or when I don’t have school, I like to go for a walk with my friends in the city center. I take the bus to go there, because I live in a suburb. I'm not a complicated person, and I'm open to sharing my room if needed. I would also be happy to do house stains with you, like cooking for discovering new culinary cultures. Getting along well with young children is something I usually do without any problems. In general, I have a good contact with individuals, whatever the age. My relationships with friends and family are really important to me. I have one brother, called Antonin. He’s younger than me, only by one year, so we’re pretty closed. I think that this year will be successful. I believe in the richness that comes from learning new languages and adopt American culture. I am excited to have the opportunity to share experiences, making lasting connections, and contribute positively to our time together! Juliette

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French (native), English (5 years), Spanish (4 years)



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Antonin (14)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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