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Hello, my name is Amelie, I'm French and I'd like to make an exchange year in United States of America. i want to make an exchange year in usa since i was a lilltle girl, this is my bigest dream. I'd love so much live in the usa especially as a teenager so be able to live as an american during one year is amazing for me ! i see it like an extraordinary experience and a huge opportunity. This year is gonna change myself indeed i'm gonna change my whole lifestyle, live away from my french life etc I want to live in usa to discover a new country a new culture news peoples a new language ... I love usa because of traditions and festivisties like thanksgiving , halloween, The 4 of july, christmas etc I love houses in usa, landskapes, cars and even roads. I always been a fan of Usa maybe because of american series and movies and all the things we see about Usa. I'm attracted by Usa culture and i'm really curious to discover the american lifestyle. i choose the high school programm to be in total immersion and discover the american life in my host family. I'd like to create a real bond with my host family and share a lot of things with them. I choose this programm to learn english and be able to speak fluent english, it gonna helps me for the rest of my life. I would like to go in high school because american high school looks amazing indeed all the festivities like hoco, prom, senior festivities, graduation... And because of the class that are totally differents of French class like cook or art ... The atmosphere of american high school looks fantastic with all sports teams and games .. It looks to have a real cohesion. I live with my mom my dad and my brother . My mom is called Delphine my father Stephane and my brother Quentin. Quentin is 19 years old he is a student in business. He is so funny and we get along very well. He loves dogs, videogames and he is a gardener time to time. Then i'm really close whith my mom she is so sweet and nice and i love her so much. She is an school teacher . She loves so much animals and children especially babys . She loves hiking, nature, boat and sea. My father is so nice and funny , he is an dental technician . He loves motorcylce and often rides it with his best friend . He loves go boating. He likes car and mechanics . I have two dogs and a cat that i love so much . The older dog names Harold he is a Basset Tawn of Brittany and he is the niccest dog i've ever met he is calm and wise. The younger is Simon , he is 2 years old he is a golden retriver he is nice and funny and a little bit crazy sometimes ! My cat is a british short-hair she is very beautifull and she knows.. She is cuddly and sweet, she spends the most of her time to sleep and eat. they are so cute ! Me, I'm Amelie, i'm in high school. I like sport, i like to run so I began running in a club last year. I run 3 times per week : most of the time with the club and some time i run lonely or with my dog Simon around my home. i love running because this sport allows me to exercise. I'm in nature, i see beautifull landscapes and smell trees ans flowers scent. i like to run with the club because it's a moment user-friendly, this moment allows you to decompress. i do race runs on weekends some time and i think it's the one of my favorites part of running because the atmosphere is so great and it's a time to see your progres and be happy. more, the whole club is reunited so it's the time to run all together and it's so great. i also go to the gym and i like it so much too. I love the nature and the sea. The one of my favorite activity is the boat indeed i think sea is so beautifull and so calming and that's so pleasant. I've been lucky enough to have been boating since I was a little girl, so I developed a passion for the sea and the marine environment. I passed my boating license this year so I was able to start sailing. i like to moove and travel because i like discover things and learn news things. I love to cook so much, i spend a lot of time to cook during my freetime . I cook pastrys and american pastrys like pies and cinnamon rolls for example. I like to cook salty too. I cook for my family the most of the time. I'm a pescovegetarian, indeed i don't eat meat. I like read books. I make a lot of creative activities and diy like painting pottery drawing writing journaling making jewerlies etc I like study and learn. I like clean and arrange to be in a clear environment . I study sciences in high school (math physics and biology) because i want to be a marine biologist . I want to be able to work in the entire world because i want to discover the whole world. thank you so much for reading ! Amélie

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