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Dear host family, thank you for looking at my profile and reading my letter. My name is Rika, my friends describe me as confident, cheerful and sportive. I’m living in a small village in northern Germany, together with my mom and dad and my older brother. He is 17 years old, he spends the last winter and spring as an exchange Student in the USA. My dad is an engineer and runs his own company and my mom is a therapist and teacher. My mother has two horses. I’m riding one of the horses often, help my mum care for the horses and I’m regular teaching beginner’s horseback riding. My brother helps sometimes too be he is more interested in soccer and mountain bike riding. Do you have any animals? I also like to travel and enjoy it very much to visit other places like the City of Amsterdam or Hamburg which are not too far away from the place where I live. My parents are great, and I have a very good relationship with them. They give me the freedom to develop myself but are always supportive if I need them. I help them as much as I can when I’m the first one at home in the afternoon I cook for my family. My brother is really the best brother I could imagine. Only sometimes we enjoy the typical younger older sibling disagreement. He helped me to shoot and cut the video for this profile. Hope you like the video clip we created for you. My brother and myself are on the same high school. The school is challenging but also very nice and my favorite academics are English, French and Sport. Living in a rural area, I spend a lot of my free time outdoors, horseback riding, swimming with my friends at a local lakes and meeting with my friends. I´m so excited to see in what area you live and what interests you have and what you are doing in you free time. I’m a member of the local soccer team and play almost every weekend in the girls’ soccer league. We are a great team, we always enjoy playing, fight and lough tougher. My interest is also music, listen to my favorite music or to make own music with my trumpet. I’m really looking forward to living for some time in the USA, learn about local culture, customs, and food. And I want to improve my speaking skills and meet a lot of nice people. Since I’m an open person I would also be happy to share my own German culture, customs and views if people are interested. I would be so happy if you would be considering letting me live in a room of your home and to make me part of your family for a time. So, what can I tell more? Thank you for giving a foreign student a home and thank you even more if it will be me. Your Rika

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German (native), English (6 years), French (3 years)



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